How to Grow Your Bangs Out


Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Bangs can be great, they’re cute and stylish. But, what isn’t fun is growing them out. Deciding that you’re ready to ditch the bangs can be a daunting decision based on the growing-out process alone. Most fringe takes six months to a year to fully grow out. Read on to see how to grow out bangs and make the process more bearable – and even a little fun.


Accessorize It

All in all, it’s not a bad time to be growing out your bangs. Hair accessories, like headbands, clips and combs, seem to be everywhere, from the runway to the red carpet. Not only are they a fun way to camouflage bangs as they’re growing out, they’re totally affordable. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 always carry super cute (and super-cheap!) hair accessories. Try pinning bangs back with bobby pins and securing with a headband, or simply push hair back with a headband and use pomade to smooth down any fly-aways.


Cut It

Even though you’re trying to grow them out, bangs, like the rest of your hair, still need to be trimmed. If your bangs are straight across, have your stylist trim them at an angle once they’ve grown a bit.  They’ll look less harsh and will blend in with the rest of your hair. If you already have side-swept bangs, try angling a few pieces in the front of your hair.  

image: WENN

image: WENN

Part It

Play around with your part, and see which way helps conceal bangs best.  A side part tends to be the most flattering way to hide re-growth.  When your hair is wet, apply a medium-hold styling cream to bangs, and part and smooth to either side. If drying naturally, pin back; otherwise, brush away from the face while drying.


Color It

If you’re a fan of highlights, you may need to part with them for a few months. Hair that’s all one color is much better when trying to disguise any awkward phases that hair may be going through. If you simply can’t live without highlights, try Balayage highlights, which colors only fine strands. Only go a few shades lighter than your base, and ask your colorist to add to the tips of bangs, this gives the illusion that they’re longer than they really are!

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