The Best Ways to Go Nude

There’s something about winter that makes us want to stash away our big bright colors, and bring out the blacks and neutrals. Although we always support the decision to wear a bold fuchsia or coral red lipstick in February, we understand that many prefer to tone it down for the season. Nude colored lips have their place and can be chic in the right situation, but wear it with the wrong colors and it could destroy an otherwise well thought out look. Check out our tips for wearing nude lips.

Beyonce wears nude lips.Kim Kardashian wears nude lips.


Wear nude without any other makeup on! Nude can mean a variety of shades. Although it is most commonly referred to as a pale, beige color, we like to think of it as a shade that is almost identical to your skin tone, whatever that may be. But there’s a reason we don’t put nude foundation on our lips and lashes: our faces weren’t meant to be one solid color. If you’re the type to apply your makeup hastily during your morning commute, try switching to a darker color, just to keep you looking lively and fresh.


Wear nude at night with a dark eye. A sexy lip can be easy to pull off, but the perfect eye shadow can be much harder to apply. Neutral lipstick or gloss is an excellent complement to a big, bold eye and helps draw attention to the rest of your makeup. Take advantage of the simplicity of a nude lip and focus on your eyes, whether that’s faux lashes, a sultry smoky eye or something else that’ll keep you dazzling in the dark.

The model Julia wears nude lipstick.Heidi Klum wears nude lips.


Choose a shade that matches your skin tone exactly. Going “nude” can leave you looking washed out. Depending on the look you're going for, try a light caramel color, a pale pink, or for darker skin tones, a rich golden brown. 


Wear a nude lip with any color and any outfit! The beauty of this shade is that it makes you look effortlessly gorgeous, regardless of what you’re wearing. A neutral lip brings out the best in color, whether it’s a slinky red cocktail dress or just a dark wash skinny jean. Pairing bright colored clothing with bold makeup can look tacky and overdone, so when you really want your outfit to do the talking, a nude lip can help do the trick. 

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