How Hair Texture is Taking Over, One Runway at a Time

Platinum blonde and big, luscious curls stole the spotlight at a Texture on the Runway event in New York Saturday night, as stylists showcased their favorite looks for fall. The show—the very first New York Fashion Week event dedicated entirely to hair—celebrated textured locks and encouraged curly hair to become a bigger feature on the catwalk. So what kind of trends can we expect for women with kinks, curls, and waves this year? Here were some of our faves:

Square Updos

Excited to see the straight, flat-ironed hair trend go, stylists from Matrix introduced some super-sharp, modern updos for women with textured hair. Those without the extra volume? Just start crimping.

"We chose to go with micro-crimping on our models to give it a more modern look to what we saw in the Victorian era, which was our inspiration and where a lot of texture began," said Daniel Roldan artistic director for Matrix. "We went soft with the micro-crimp but then made [the hairstyles] square instead of round."

Pastel Blonde Color

Minardi, which is usually known as a brand dedicated to hair color, whipped up what they called a "pastel blonde" shade with blue undertones—a color ideal for women with tight curls.

"Using New York as our inspiration, we created what we call 'classic-modern' avant-garde looks to show how texture and color can work together," said Mark Mileti, Minardi's color director. "I'm predicting extreme colors for the fall, like pastel blonde and deep russet-y gold in brunette hair."

Tight Curls

New York hair-guru Nick Arrojo and his team have come up with a new service at their salon called the "American Wave," a fresh spin on the perm. We were skeptical at first—the last thing we need is a stiff, 80s hair-trend revival—but the nice thing about this look is that it allows a lot more movement than perms have in the past.

Finishing the final touches of tight curls on a model, who described her hair as "straight with no body," Amanda Jenkins, the lead stylist and creative director at Arrojo, shared her secret to keeping hair tightly curled and moving.

"We started with our dry shampoo finish spray before we styled it. Then when we're done, we'll add more finish instead of using so much hair spray," Jenkins said. "[Dry shampoo] pumps it up and it's not nearly as heavy."


Easy Waves

If you're not ready to leap into a perm, we recommend trying some of the evening looks created by the Hair Rules team. We saw them give va-va-voom volume to their models, creating what their stylists called "crazy prom hair" (read: gorgeous evening 'dos).

"The 70s was a really sophisticated, inclusive time for all hair types, so that's our inspiration: texture at its best," said Dickey, co-founder and creator of Hair Rules. "We believe you should take care of your hair the way you do your skin. You love your hair as much as you love your face, you want it to look as good as your face—so we don't believe in being harsh with your hair, just embracing your natural texture."