How to Wear Bright Makeup


With spring and summer approaching, there's no better way to refresh your makeup routine than to add a pop of color. Whether you play it safe with a bright lip gloss or go wild with a neon eyeliner, brights are the simplest way to add a wow factor to your everyday look. 


On Your Lips

Depending on how adventurous you are, there is a wealth of choices for bright and bold lip colors. The timid can stick with plums and reds but bright orange and purple also look great on darker skintones. Also, think about the formula as well as the color. Bright lips can be less shocking and easier to maintain if you look for a matte lipstick rather than a glossy one. 

On Your Eyes

There are so many ways to wear color on your eyes and women with darker skin tones are ripe for choice. Whereas colors such as yellow or orange would look odd on a paler woman, women with dark skin can easily pull it off. For beginners, try a light wash of color over your lid with black liner and mascara. Intermediate color wearers can try colored liner. Applying a bold blue or green liner to the waterline is unexpected but makes a bold statement. Advanced color wearers should try wearing a bright shadow just under the lashline. Teal and purple tones can offset a black or brown smoky eye wonderfully.

On Your Cheeks

Wearing bright colors on your face requires a lighter touch than on your eyes or lips, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Bold coral, wine, or pink blushes can look great on darker skin tones. Be aware of your undertones and work with them. Really work the product into your skin so that it forms a smooth, even layer. Even if the color couldn't possibly be natural, the product should be so well blended that it has people wondering. 

Images: Imaxtree