How to Get Smoother-Looking Hair Instantly

Anna Sui

How often have you looked at a hair treatment and seen that it takes 6-12 weeks to show any results? We’re an impatient society, and I don’t know about you, but I like seeing results now. With wedding season coming up, and all of winter’s damage riddled throughout your hair, it's time for a quick fix – and this is the best kind. Quick fixes often damage your hair in the long run by either dehydrating or simply coating your hair, but not TRESemmé® Split Remedy™ Split-End Sealing Serum.

Anna SuiSplit End Serum

This product, and its peers in the Split Remedy line, works to improve the overall appearance of the hair and repair split-ends in just three washes. We’re not talking subtle repair from the inside out, but repairs of up to 80% that you can see and feel. The Split-End Sealing Serum works to bind the hair’s cuticles for a smooth and healthy appearance, sealing in the shine and natural glow of your hair. A big event may have you rushing to the salon, but skip it and use this instead to not only save time but money as well.

Images: IMAXtree