Prevent Hair Damage this Season

To prevent broken, unhealthy hair, you have to understand what it really means to damage your hair. Each strand has a very delicate balance of moisture and protein, and everything from the temperature of your house to the kind of brush you use can cause it to become unbalanced. The surface of each strand of hair is made up of cuticles which overlap each other like tiles. When the strand loses too much moisture, is roughly groomed, or broken, these cuticles lift and open, causing split ends. This is why even women with pin straight hair can still get frizz if they don’t take care of it.

The best way to prevent this damage is to treat your hair well when it’s wet. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet and can stretch up to 30% more. Because of this, the hair is more prone to breakage and damage to those tiny cuticles. When you get out of the shower, gently squeeze the hair as roughly towel drying it can do much more harm. Apply TRESemmé® Split Remedy™ Leave-in Conditioning Spray all over the hair. To get the most use out of the product, spray it in sections, around the head, and then comb through with a wide toothed comb for even distribution. Too many women only treat the top of their hair but by ensuring even product distribution, you protect and detangle the surface hairs but also the locks underneath. If you remember anything, it’s that your hair is more delicate than you think. Take care of it and it will pay off in spades. 


Images: IMAXtree