Get the Look: 5 Braids in 5 Days

Whether you want to be an indie music star, a medieval princess, or a beach bunny, we have you covered. The secret to rocking multiple personality disorder in style? Braids. We checked in with Kayley Pak, stylist at John Barrett Salon’s ‘Barrett’s Braid Bar’ in New York City, who shared tips on how to pull off pretty plaits any day of the week. Check out these aspirational looks turned into reality.


Get the Look: 5 Braids in 5 Days

This braid is a simple, 3-strand braid, but with a twist. Instead of using 3 even amounts of hair, use 2 that are the same size and 1 that is much smaller. Use the top section of your hair and a bit from the sides to create the first braid. Again, make 2 strands the same size and 1 much smaller, and secure with a thin, clear elastic. Leave a stand-alone braid, or create a few more for a bit more interest. If the braid looks too perfect, tug a bit at the strands to give a little texture.


Get the Look: 5 Braids in 5 Days

This look is just one continuous French braid that begins at the crown of the head, and continues around the hairline. When you've incorporated all the hair into the French braid, braid the hair to the end and secure with a clear elastic. Weave the end into the French braid in order to conceal it and make it look like a continuous braid. Secure flyaways with bobby pins.


Get the Look: 5 Braids in 5 Days

Split your hair down the center to create an even part. French braid with smaller sections to create this look. If you can't French braid, just do two regular 3-strand braids for a similar effect. Stop French braiding right above the ear, and continue to braid a regular 3- strand braid until the braid reaches the middle of your head. Secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side. Connect the two braids together with another band. Optional: Curl the remaining hair to get a beachy look and don't forget the ends of the braids.


Get the Look: 5 Braids in 5 Days

Pull all hair to one side. Begin a French braid, but instead of braiding down the back of your head, braid down the side of your head. Incorporate hair from both sides until you reach the nape, and continue to braid the remaining hair to the end. Secure with an elastic. Pull out some of your bangs for a looser look, or keep tight for that Katniss from The Hunger Games look.


Get the Look: 5 Braids in 5 Days

First, create a side part. Create two small French braids beginning at the hairline and braid toward the back of the hair. Secure with thin, clear elastics. Take the rest of your hair and braid as a loose 3-strand braid. Wrap this braided ponytail around itself to create a bun. Secure with an elastic and bobby pins. Pull out pieces by your face and curl for a more romantic look. 

Images:, IMAXtree


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