Bold Beauty Trends Women Actually Want to Wear


When it comes to fashion, it's pretty clear which of the season's trends are going to kick off. With beauty, it's always a surprise. While I'm not sure that blue lipstick will ever kick off and become mainstream (seriously, designers) but it seems women are willing to take some risks with their spring makeup. In a recent poll, over 700 women were asked which bold beauty trend they were most likely to try and the results were revealing. Over 44% of women polled said that they would be most likely to try a bright fuchsia lip. Pink lips, while not uncommon, are worn much less than red, and it's the perfect way to mix up your spring makeup. 


That's not to say all of the women asked were willing to go quite that far; 30% remarked that they would be more likely to try navy eyeliner. For more conservative women, it's a great way to add a pop of color without drawing too much attention. Most surprising of the results was that over 25% of women polled said that colored mascara would be their bold look of choice. Colored mascara is not only fun but can really work to highlight the color of your eyes. Navy, plum, and emerald green are great starter colors but a bright blue or even orange would look great with an all-white summer look. 

Images: IMAXtree