9 ‘Oh Sh*t!’ Beauty Blunders and How to Fix Them ASAP

Beauty Blunder

image: Imaxtree

Chipped nails? Smudged eyeliner? No matter how hard we try, beauty blunders are bound to happen. Even A-list celebs aren’t immune to the occasional malfunction. Some are more cringe-worthy and others less so, but rest assured, they’re all easily fixed. Make sure you don’t let that little mishap get the best of you next time by following the advice of these experts. Here are 9 common beauty mistakes and how to remedy them ASAP.

1. Overplucked Brows

So you got a little tweezer happy and kind of plucked off your entire eyebrow, or worse, both? Take a deep breath, there are a few things you can do to fix this. Number one, step away from the tweezers, advises Ramy Gafni, beauty expert and founder of Ramy Cosmetics. “Take a good multivitamin to produce hair quickly, such as biotin, and use an eyebrow enhancing serum to increase hair growth and make it appear thicker and fuller.” In the short term, however, go ahead and fake a full brow with makeup! “Pick a wax-based eyebrow pencil, pen, or pomade two shades lighter than your natural or current hair color (one to two shades darker if you’re a blonde or silver),” says Ramy, and fill in the botched brow(s). Have no idea what color to buy? Use a universally flattering filler, such as Ramy’s Perfect Brow Wand, which works on all hair colors.

2. Wine-Stained Teeth

There’s nothing like kicking back, relaxing and enjoying a glass of red wine with your girls. Well, that is until you glance over in the mirror and realize your chompers are all stained purple. Eek! To fix the situation stat, use an on-the-go tooth whitener, such as Supersmile Quickee ($16.00), to remove extrinsic stains and freshen up breath, recommends cosmetic dentist to the stars and “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry” Dr. Irwin Smigel. “Drinking water and eating bread between sips of wine or eating highly acidic foods will also offset the effects of stains by reducing the acidity in your mouth,” he adds.

3. Chipped Nail Polish

It’s the night of a big event and your new nail polish just chipped. Ah, what’s a girl to do!? First of all, don’t panic! Grab a nail buffer, such as CND’s Girlfriend Buffer, and gently buff out the scratch or nick with the gray side for tiny scratches and the white side for deeper ones, advises CND’s Roxanne Valinoti. “Then, apply a thin coat of the same nail color over the entire nail. Let dry for a minute or two before applying a quick-dry top coat like Air Dry to seal the fresh polish.” Now, you’re good to go.

4. Too Much Bronzer

Overdosing on bronzer is easy, just ask the girls of Jersey Shore. If it happens to you though, simply use a tissue and wipe it down, suggests celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes. FYI, this trick works with self-tanner too, if that’s more your style.

5. Greasy Hair

You know that gross feeling you get when you put too much conditioner in your hair, or you haven’t washed it in forever? Ick. To get rid of the grease and absorb the excess oil, Beauty Entourage founder Ashley Stone recommends applying a dry shampoo to your root area. “Shake small amounts throughout your hair, tousling your tresses with your fingers to work the product in,” she says. Then, style as usual.

6. Smudged Eyeliner

Office meltdowns, rubbing your eyes and the warmer weather this time of year can all contribute to smudged liner. To avoid that Taylor Momsen raccoon eye look, Dr. Loretta, founder of Dr. Loretta Skincare, likes to keep a little sample jar of her Face Erase makeup remover on hand at all times. “I dab a bit of it on a tissue or Q-tip to instantly redefine my line and erase smudged eye makeup. Eye pencil is usually the culprit,” she notes, “particularly in the heat of summer.”  

Beauty Blunder

7. Flaky Foundation

Dry skin is bad enough, but flaky, scale-like skin (especially underneath makeup) is the absolute worst, and far too common, says Sarah Dakar, Beauty Director of Sonya Dakar Skincare. We’d definitely have to agree! Since moisturizer often isn’t enough to stop this beauty disaster, what’s the solution? According to Sarah, naturally exfoliating fruit enzymes. “Try Sonya Dakar’s Enzyme Peeling Cream to slough off dull, flaky skin in an instant, leaving you with an unbelievable resurfaced glow,” she suggests. “Or, for a DIY alternative, gently rub a nearly ripe papaya over clean skin for five minutes.” Voila, beauty disaster solved!

8. A Popped Pimple

“If you popped your pimple and made it worse, try some ice and over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation,” says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in the Department of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. “Stop picking early because too much picking just makes the pimple worse and can lead to scarring.”  

9. Uneven Eyeshadow

Oops! You accidently extended your eyeshadow too far and now one eye looks completely wack? Don’t fret. Quickly clean up by dipping a Q-tip into some moisturizer, and wipe away what you don’t want or don’t need, advises Natasha Holderman, makeup artist and hair stylist at Blowlux. “Just be sure the area you’re working on is dry before you add any more,” she warns. “Otherwise it’ll appear darker here and won’t blend out at all.”