Beauty Intervention: Get Your Thin Over-Plucked Brows to Rehab, Stat!

Beauty Intervention: Get Your Thin Over-Plucked Brows to Rehab, Stat!If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the window to your looks. Thick natural-looking eyebrows are not only in style, they are bold, beautiful, and even fashionably dramatic. Not only do full eyebrows accentuate your eyes, they provide balance for your entire face and make you look younger. Unfortunately, over-plucked, thin, and shapeless arches are more prevalent than ever. Since no amount of makeup can distract from the appearance of broken, short, and unhealthy eyebrows, it's important to determine the perfect eyebrow shape that flatters your face and looks naturally healthy and groomed. 

Fixing Over-Plucked Eyebrows

In an attempt to get the right shape, many of us have gone down the over-plucked road. While it's safe to say that over-plucked eyebrows are extremely unflattering, this problem is often the case with inexperienced at-home plucking. The easiest way to fix over-plucked eyebrows is to fill the nude spots with a brow pencil or solid shadow that matches your eyebrow color. Make sure to use light feather strokes which create a natural-looking brow line, rather than draw a solid line. Anastasia's Brow Power Duo ($22) helps create beautiful and natural brows. This lightweight buildable coverage formula is designed to be smudge-proof and comes with two shades per compact to ensure the perfect brow color.

Get Them Growing 

The main rule is to let them grow naturally. Do not trim, and do not over-pluck. If there are a couple of stray hairs, tweeze them, but be sure to not touch the brow line until it is fully grown to its original form. If you want to promote hair growth, use a growth serum, a quick and effective remedy for over-plucked brows and damaged hair follicles. If your brows grow quick enough, there’s no need to use such products, just let them grow naturally without plucking them very often. 

Shaping the Shapeless

Another eyebrow disaster occurs not as a result of over-shaping, but rather the opposite. While some are lucky enough to have been born with thick arched eyebrows, the rest of us need to work at getting the right shape. If you can, it is best to seek professional help in choosing and achieving the right shape for your brows. Make sure to tell your brow aesthetician that you want natural-looking eyebrows, as many times even professionals can over-tweeze. Once your aesthetician has helped you find the most natural-looking shape for your brows and face, maintain their shape by tweezing only the strays. Use an eyebrow fixing pencil to groom and smooth your brows in between sessions. Givenchy's Mister Eyebrow Fixing Pencil ($23) comes enriched with emollients to keep your brows evenl and smooth. This practical pencil comes in a perfectly transparent shade for ultra-natural and subtly glossy eyebrows.

Promoting Healthy Brows the Natural Way

To promote healthy thick brows the natural way, gently massage your brows, a technique that will boost blood flow which is required for better hair growth. Because your diet also impacts the hair growth, the more varied foods you eat, the better your hair growth rate is. To boost your hair growth, eat foods rich in protein and vitamins B and C such as dairy products, lean meats, veggies, and citrus fruit.

image: IMAXtree