Spring Nail Trends and At-Home Manis with Celeb Manicurist Ana-Maria

Beauty trends come and go, and one day we're focusing heavily on our hair, the next our makeup. But one trend has been holding ever strong over the past few seasons and we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon: nails. We turned to celebrity manicurist Ana-Maria to get the scoop on this season's hottest color trends, her tips for the perfect at-home mani, and her number one nail secret.

the Fashion Spot: What are the nail trends we should be following this season?

Ana-Maria: This spring is all about creamy pastel colors like we saw at Fashion Week, light beiges and soft corals, blue and lavender. Also, diverse quick nail art like a simple vertical silver stripe over any color choice, or decals with different prints as an accent nail.

tFS: What are some of your best nail tricks?

AM: To not compromise the manicure when hands are close up in videos, I don't cut much skin when I prep the nails. Instead, I file softly and moisturize since every little thing shows on camera. Another trick that helps give a longer lasting manicure is to seal it with clear gel instead of a regular top coat. I do this especially when nail art is performed because those get ruined fast if not sealed properly. 

tFS: What's the number one secret to getting a perfect at-home mani?

AM: The perfect at-home manicure is mostly about pushing back the cuticles very well and [applying your polish carefully]. Without this, not many compliments will come your way. In salons, cuticles are trimmed but it is not recommended at home. Just push them back well, buff the nail surface and [carefully apply] nail color. Use a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat. 

Also, do not apply polish too close to the cuticle area if you choose a dark or strongly pigmented color. Doing so can stain the cuticle and your manicure might be compromised if you go over the cuticle and don't clean it immediately and properly.

tFS: Nail art is huge right now! Do you see this trend continuing to thrive? 

AM: Yes, nail art will continue to thrive. Art allows for creativity and people always create, especially when we have access to different products that we can mix and come out with [unique] looks.