Take the Growing Pains Out of Bangs with This Easy In-Between Style

When MOBama announced she was growing out her trademark bangs, stylists started surmising that bangs were over.

Now, a style that suits your face shape and you find attractive is never out of fashion. So we're not advising anyone to grow out bangs they love that are a defining characteristic of their awesome signature hairstyle. But, if you do want to grow out your bangs, summer is a good time since hair often gets worn up off the neck more, making pinning sections more stylish.

Try as you might, though, there is always that stage where they get, as the FLOTUS said, "a little irritating." What to do in the in-between time has been the subject of much rumination. Aussie celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa has an easy and trend-forward solution.

Braids have been super trendy for summer, and may even be one of the reasons you're growing out your hair in the first place — more fun options! No need to wait, Potempa says. This two-strand braid helps conceal awkward wisps while you grow your bangs out. She says it's easy even if you don't know how to French braid your own hair.

"Take two strands of hair and French braid – add a little from each side, and weave over to the other side," she said. "When you get away from the root, add a third strand and finish with a regular three-strand braid."

If you have shorter hair, pin underneath with mini bobby pins. Try adding a vintage brooch or clip-on earring for an added touch.

images: Marina Maher Communications