Beyond the Manicure: 3 Out-of-the-Box Nail Treatments You’ve Gotta Try

3. Custom Nail Solutions

Custom Nail Solutions

Looking for a manicure that’s really out of the box? Well, it’s not exactly a manicure per se, but Custom Nail Solutions are the world’s first custom-fit artificial nails, recently made available in salons and spas across the U.S. They’re one-of-a-kind and are created using dental putty taken from your nail beds (your nail beds are like fingerprints, meaning that they’re only unique to you, who knew?). They can be jazzed up with any brand of nail polish or color and are 100% guaranteed to never crack, chip or stain. Basically, your nails will fit no one else in the world but you! For certified salons near you, check out this list.

Price: Varies (See here)