Trish McEvoy: 5 Minutes Is All It Takes to Look Well-Rested (Even When You’re Not)

Beautiful model with minimal makeup


One of the most powerful things about skincare and makeup is how they allow you to create your own reality. You might be exhausted or under the weather, but for whatever reason unable to press pause in your life or compromise your beauty. In those cases, you need a few tricks up your sleeve to mask signs of fatigue—without looking like you are wearing a mask. The keys to looking well and rested are:

1. Skincare

  • Exfoliate once each day with a gentle daily exfoliator and once a week, step it up a notch with a professional-strength peel that also helps to correct uneven skin and brighten the complexion. Among its many benefits, exfoliation is the #1 difference between radiant and dull, tired-looking skin.
  • Moisturize with products on the face and eyes that contain a high percentage of hyaluronic acid. The most powerful skin-hydrating ingredient, moisture-binding hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in skin but is depleted with age. Luckily, you can apply it via skincare to instantly plump lines, boost skin's moisture barrier (i.e., keep water IN) and enhance your moisturizer's performance. 

2. Eye Care

Firm, smooth and brighten skin under the eye with retinol eye cream. Retinol has instant enhancing as well as long-term reparative and preventative powers. 

3. Brighten the Upper and Lower Eye Areas

If you don't normally get darkness under the eyes, you will have it when you are tired. If you do, it will become that much worse when you haven't gotten your 8 hours of sleep. In either case, you are increasingly susceptible to showing signs of fatigue with age. The first step in my 8-Step Power of Makeup® Lesson is to even out and brighten the upper eyelid before applying eye makeup. Following eye makeup, I brighten under the eye with my Instant Eye Lift or Correct and Brighten applied in my Triangle of Light, an upside-down triangle under each eye.


5. Create the Look of Even Skin

Even skin is the hallmark of healthy, rested beauty—and the ultimate feature-enhancer. Whether you are a liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, beauty balm or mineral powder kind of girl, take care to pick a shade and texture that looks like your skin, only better. 

6. Enhance Your Complexion

Uniform tone is half of the equation in recreating your best looking skin. After evening out your complexion, you want to now enhance it with face and lip color. Bronzer and blush are the instant tag-team which will give a complexion a rested, vibrant look, while a complexion-enhancing balm on the lips can light up the whole face.