Forget Trends: You Can Wear These Hot-Off-the-Runway Updos All Year Long (Here’s How)



On the other end of the spectrum was the ultra sleek, ultra tight updo at Delpozo. Walking by it backstage, I literally did a double-take in amazement.

"The hair is beautiful, strong and dramatic," Moroccanoil Creative Director Antonio Corral Calero said. "The looks are smooth, sleek, asymmetrical and highlight pure, rounded geometrical form. It's like a new way of doing an updo."

The strong and shiny hair was achieved using Moroccanoil and its chic line of boar-bristle brushes helped smooth any flyaways. This look might require an extra set of hands and some practice.

“After making a deep side part, I brushed hair to the side and sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong. I continued with a right diagonal part from crown to nape, brushed and again sprayed the hair," he said. “Next, I tied a ponytail at the nape on the right, and then made another part mid-head and toward the ear on the left, creating another ponytail above the first. I brought this second pony down and tied it mid-tail with the one below at the nape. I pulled the original ponytail [on the right] horizontally over to the one on the left, and tied it mid-tail at the nape. Finally, I divided this unified left-sided ponytail into two parts. I twisted and looped the first part of the pony in and around below the top left pony, to create a rounded, vertical tube-like effect, and pinned. I then twisted and looped the remaining part of the pony around the section mid-nape and pinned.”

Whew. Moroccanoil has a brief tutorial on YouTube here.