Forget Trends: You Can Wear These Hot-Off-the-Runway Updos All Year Long (Here’s How)

Maison Martin Margiela


Finally, in hairstyles inspired by how you woke up that transcend anything your hair could ever look like upon waking, we have Maison Martin Margiela. Part of the ponytail trend that was seen throughout fashion month, this was one of the more casual looks. Hair was a bit fluffy and full from the front so this might actually be a style to try on freshly washed and blown out hair. After blowing hair straight, make a deep side part. Begin to pull hair back, covering the ears almost like you're going to pin it in a faux-bob style, that's how you want it to look from the front. Once hair is pulled back, begin a braid, but as soon as enough strands are intertwined to hold, secure two sections with a plain black hair elastic, leaving the third section loose. This is basically a more artful version of the ponytail bun you put your hair in to wash your face.