Revive Your Eye Makeup Routine with These Eyeliners and Pencils

Jill Stuart spring 2014 eye makeup closeup


Raise your hand if you've been sporting the same eyeliner routine for a few weeks. A few months? A few years? Hey, we're not saying go fix something that isn't broken, but when it comes to makeup ruts, our eye routines are usually the first to fall in line. The spring season had its fair share of barely-there eye makeup, which should at least liberate us from the need to pile it on every day, but that's not all the runways gave us. There were some gorgeous lined lids that have us thinking about ditching our basic brown liner and going rogue, if not for day, then definitely at night.

From innovative application techniques to fresh new colors, from pots and wands to brushes and pencils, we've got the ultimate eyeliner roundup. Whether you're looking to (finally) master the cat eye or want to show off those baby blues (and browns) with a regal purple hue, you're next liner or pencil is listed below.