Hot Out There? Chill Out with These Cooling Beauty Products for Summer

Temperatures are rising day by day and though it may seem that summer is almost over (we still have two full months!), the sun is reminding us that it’ll be around for a while. The many joys of spending days and nights outdoors is the reason we can’t wait for summer each year, but the unbearable heat, faucet-like dripping sweat and stickiness are a few reasons we’re thankful for brisk days. Taking a cold shower or volunteering to participate in last summer’s ice bucket challenge may be quick ways to beat the heat, but aren’t always the best. 

Instead of going through extremes to refresh your skin, opt for cooling beauty products that are guaranteed to chill you out in seconds. A few ingredients to look for in a cooling product are menthol, cucumber, mint, aloe and yogurt, as each has the ability to cool the skin while also targeting other skin concerns, such as acne, sunburns, eczema, rashes and dark spots. Shop our eight recommended products above to finish your summer cool, calm and collected.