Janelle Monáe: My Fashion and Beauty Inspirations

Image: D.Salters/

Image: D.Salters/

Simplicity inspires me. Foundation-lipstick-mascara and go!

OK, so I wear a lot of black and white. A lot. But it’s part of an homage to my mother, grandmother and all working-class people who have had to wear a uniform day in and day out. I am honored by and proud of the success I’ve had as a musician, but it’s very important for me to keep in touch with my roots. They’re what drive me and inspire me every day. I didn’t grow up a wealthy girl, and though I’ve been fortunate enough to have this amazing life, it’s important for me to remember those who came before me, who worked the unglamorous (but important!) jobs, so that I could one day be able to do the thing I love. Granted, my uniform can be a little fancier than what someone might wear to work, but my history is a part of me, and I carry that around every time I wear a tux.

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick, Hot 305

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick, Hot 305

When I’m on tour, I need to be in full performance mode, and I have a very specific character for the Electric Lady Tour and she wears (surprise!) a lot of black and white. For makeup, I keep everything simple. Simplicity inspires me. Foundation-lipstick-mascara and go! Naturally, as a COVERGIRL spokeslady, I’ve got plenty of products at my disposal, but when I want to pump up my black and white outfits, I swipe on LipPerfection Lipstick in Hot 305. It’s a red that works with so many different skin tones, it’s affordable and a red lippie just adds a touch of drama to your look. Again, I might wear a uniform, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spice things up with a few well-placed accents. A red lip has to be my favorite!

But perhaps my biggest beauty inspiration comes from within. Might sound cheesy, but I am most inspired when I’m in a peaceful state. I believe that the more happy you are, the more your beauty all comes out. I measure that by how nice I am to people, how giving I am to people. When I’m happy, my shows are better. When I need a beauty fix, I try fixing my attitude, because it affects my heart, my energy and ultimately, the way I look.

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