Beauty Diary: ‘Galavant’ Actress Mallory Jansen Shares Her Must-Have Products


image: Getty

“My hair is naturally this long and thick and I just got it cut, so it feels short to me even though it’s still long. I’m just used to having Rapunzel-like hair. On the show, the hairstylist uses a curling iron and brushes it out before putting on my crown,” says actress Mallory Jansen with a laugh when asked if the long locks her character Madalena has on ABC’s Galavant are her own. We recently chatted with the Australian actress — who has a knack for makeup artistry, calling the process “creative” and “fun” — about our favorite topic, beauty. Here’s what she had to say.


“My hair is pretty straight naturally, but it has a little bit of wave to it. I don’t do much in terms of styling. I wash it at night and sleep on it, so when I wake up it has done its own thing. It’s also long enough that it weighs itself down, so it doesn’t get too crazy. I started using Kevin Murphy hair products and I’m obsessed. They work really well for me because I tend to have dried out hair on the coarse side. I use the spray on my roots to give them a bit of lift, but I really use almost every product! I’ve found my go-to brand in them.”


“When I lived in New York, I would go to Mario Badescu and they do the best facials. Now I’m traveling so much and feel that my skin is always dried out, so I tend to use things that are fragrance-free and keep it simple. I like using Cetaphil and Avène products on my face because they are very gentle and non-irritating.”


“I love doing my own makeup and have been doing it for years. I also like to learn new techniques on-set. I never knew how to apply individual lashes, but quickly learned to do so on the set of Galavant since I had to wear them for every shoot. I think we went through like 30 boxes of MAC eyelashes throughout the few months we filmed! Every morning I think it’s so fun to do my makeup. I usually go for a natural look, but I love eyeliner — I always wear black eyeliner. I like to wing it out a little bit to give my eyes an almond shape. Enhancing brows is also one of my favorite things to do. I use a brow pencil lightly to fill them in and follow that up with brow gel. I don’t like to look like I’m wearing too much makeup, but I always focus on eyes. When I’m doing my makeup for going out or an event, I love playing with eyeshadows. I like to use golden and brown shades that are on the bronzey side since I’m very fair. One thing I always have to get done is my nails — I’m really funny about it. It’s such a small detail that I think many people notice a lot at the same time. I didn’t wear nail polish for the months we filmed since it takes place during a medieval era — so it killed me. But as soon as we were done, I rushed to get my manicure.”

 Check out Mallory’s beauty picks in the slideshow below.