The 21 Worst Beauty Habits Ever

Beauty dos, don’ts and how-tos can be a lot to take in, and mistakes are bound to happen — it’s OK! Messy manicures, smudged lipstick and bad hair days are just a few of the beauty blunders we’ve experienced. However, there are bad habits that some of us develop over time that need to be shaken off, stat. What was working a few years ago could be hindering your beauty potential today — and we’ll be the first to admit our past sins. Here are 21 beauty no-nos, faux pas and terrible mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. Sleeping with your makeup on. You should really know better by now….

2. Separating your lashes with anything other than a lash comb. We’re looking at you, safety pin and tweezer-using MacGyvers.

3. Using strange contraptions to get plumped-up lips like Kylie Jenner. See: Exhibit A.



4. Tattooing your eyebrows permanently. There are so many amazing — and temporary — products you can use for a fraction of the cost.

5. Taking acne extractions into your own hands. We have a personal story with this one and let’s just say sharp tools around the face can lead to eye-damaging experiences.

6. Spraying on too much perfume. Unless you want to overwhelm people with your scent, there is no reason to spritz beyond your wrists and behind the ears.

7. Using bronzer all over your face. See below and then read about proper contouring — and thank us later.



8. Experimenting with micro-needling at home. There are some beauty risks that just aren’t worth taking.

9. Attempting to DIY platinum or ombre hair. It’s best to leave these advanced dye jobs to the professionals.

10. Going overboard with the Botox. We’re all for fighting wrinkles, but when your face can barely move, then honey, you have a bigger problem.

11. Bleaching your eyebrows à la Miley Cyrus. Just, no.


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12. Peeling your nail polish off. Not only is this gross, but it can seriously damage nail beds.

13. Applying too much concealer. Less is more, ladies, less is more. 

14. Dabbling with out-there DIY treatments. Again, sometimes it is best to leave this stuff to the pros.

15. Applying way too much mascara and ending up with spider lashes. It’s so fake that it becomes weird.



16. Incorrectly color-matching your foundation. Hey, it happens, but hit your department store beauty counter to get the perfect match before purchasing anything.

17. Using a tanning bed. Ever.

18. Clipping your nails in public. One word: EW.

19. Overplucking your brows. Another one of those “it happens” moments that even celebs aren’t safe from.



20. Using body lotion as face cream. Unless you enjoy acne and clogged pores, be sure to choose one of the many high and low options specifically formulated for your face.

21. Sharing makeup. If you wouldn’t share your toothbrush, why would you share mascara or lipstick?