Shop Zoe Life: A New Destination for All-Natural, Under-the-Radar Beauty Finds

When we stumbled upon Shop Zoe Life, it was a payday so all bets were off and we may or may not have ordered a few tubes of lipstick from organic brand ILIA. The e-commerce site features organic and all-natural beauty products — with some fashion in the mix — that are under-the-radar cult favorites that appeal to the modern woman. Shop Zoe Life was founded by Australia native Zoe Twitt, a designer who grew up on a wool farm with an organic vegetable garden, horses and a less hectic lifestyle. Twitt’s company is based in Denver, Colorado and came to fruition during her time spent living in New York City, where she was sleep-deprived, stressed and her health was not in the best shape. So, she went back to her more casual and relaxed lifestyle — and created a shopping site while doing so. 

Twitt researches, handpicks and personally tests each product sold on the site to bring shoppers the most exclusively curated selection. The beauty offerings are kept to a small, but elite group of brands that include both makeup and skincare to echo the shop’s mission of getting back to basics and keeping life simple. Here, a few of our favorite all-natural beauty finds that can be found on Shop Zoe Life now.