Line We Love: Ayurvedic Skincare Brand Arya Essentials


Ayurveda is a holistic science that originated in India over 5,000 years ago that says nature provides us with all that we need. Shadoh Punnapuzha was exposed to the healing system at a young age and was inspired to create an Ayurvedic skincare line called Arya Essentials. The five-product range gets its name from the Sanskrit word “Arya (आर्य),” which means “noble, precious, and pure,” and is made with all-natural and non-toxic ingredients with a focus on simplicity.

Arya Essentials Founder Shadoh Punnapuzha

Arya Essentials Founder Shadoh Punnapuzha; Image: Courtesy of Arya Essentials

“Growing up Indian, natural beauty recipes are something you are brought up with. As a young adult, my mother taught me how to mix chickpea flour with water to cleanse my skin for a clear complexion, coconut oil to moisturize my tresses and use fresh lemon juice to exfoliate and bring a glow,” says Punnapuzha regarding her passion for natural beauty products. There was a point, however, when Punnapuzha started using products with synthetic skincare ingredients, and that triggered breakouts and even eczema, a condition she never experienced previously. “I went to several dermatologists before I found out that I was having a reaction to some of the synthetic ingredients in the products I was using. I went back to using Ayurvedic remedies, and once I did, my skin loved it,” she explains. Once her friends and colleagues took notice of her complexion’s change for the better, they asked for her skincare creations. “I loved how happy it made me to share this with others and that is how Arya Essentials was born.”

The Face Oil was the first introduction to Arya Essentials and “includes Indian treasures, such as sandalwood essential oil, which is incredibly healing for the skin and tulsi, which I swear fixes everything, and is purifying and high in antioxidants,” explains Punnapuzha of the hero product in the collection. It absorbs almost immediately upon application and works on all skin types, including those prone to breakouts.

Through the brand’s product line, Punnapuzha is able to share her natural beauty secrets that she grew up loving as well as provide consumers with products that are free of synthetics and only include the necessary essentials. Though the brand began with face, hair and body oils, recently Arya Essentials released an Intensive Eye Balm and a Purifying Toner, adding to its growing line of skincare. As for the future, “There are a few items in the works, but it’s mainly geared toward creating a skincare regimen,” says Punnapuzha. Get to know some of the Arya Essentials products in the slideshow below.