How Simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror Is Reviving My Teenage Dreams


The two adjustments for the mirror; Image: Courtesy of simplehuman

Long before I ever knew working in beauty was even a career option, I was a beauty-obsessed teen requesting “a large bottle of Clinique Happy” and “the Lancôme mascara that makes your lashes longer” for my birthday. I’ll never forget the one “professional” beauty gadget that changed the game for me — it was a tri-fold lighted makeup mirror I got for Christmas in high school. I was obsessed with everything about it: The swiveling center mirror that was magnified on one side for my eyebrow plucking needs, the side mirrors for a panoramic view of my face at every angle, the adjustable illumination settings (because “fluorescent” and “office” lighting are ideal for makeup application) and the convenient outlet for my flat iron. It was the most impractical thing ever, but I loved it to pieces. The bulbs blew out eventually and I realized the lighting wasn’t all that great and sadly, it was time to part ways. I would be lying if I told you I haven’t longed for a less gimmicky version that I could use in my adult life.

Enter simplehuman, makers of efficient life necessities, including my sensor-activated trash bin that I have owned for years. The brand has an incredible sensor mirror that I have become obsessed with over the past few months that kicks my old tri-fold mirror’s butt. The 6.5-inch cordless mirror is battery-free and lasts for up to five weeks on a single charge using a USB port. The sleek vanity mirror lights up automatically when it detects your face to give you an up-close view, and turns off when you step away. Magical, right? The magnifying part took getting used to, but I don’t even flinch at seeing my blown-up face anymore.

When it comes to lighting, its tru-lux light system mimics natural sunlight two times over and reflects it evenly, so that no matter where you’re applying your makeup, you’ll have a high level of detail and a wide viewing area. This technologically advanced gadget is made with LED lights that are said to perform “like new” after 40,000 hours of use, which amounts to an hour per day, every day for over 100 years. Basically, this is the only makeup mirror I will ever need, literally for the rest of my life.

I’m not the mini makeup maven I once was, but I love a good bronzed smoky eye for a going-out look and wear mascara daily, and this mirror helps me look put-together. It sits on my small vanity, taking up just the corner of the tiny table and never has to be plugged in (except when it’s charging) or shuffled around due to space constraints. I also love that it swivels to any angle and has two height options. At $160, it’s definitely an investment, but seeing how much better my cat-eye skills are makes this invaluable for the makeup junkie deep within my teenage soul. 

Simplehuman 6.5″ Sensor Mirror, $160 at simplehuman