We Rank the 10 Most Popular Women’s Fragrances of 2017


Anyone who has dashed out the door only to realize they forgot to spray on their favorite fragrance (or worse, deodorant) knows the uneasiness that comes with not feeling confident about the way you smell. In fact, research shows that physical attraction may actually be based on smell. According to Elizabeth Musmanno, president of The Fragrance Foundation, when it comes to the best-selling perfumes for women, it’s all about the juice. “In this business, you cannot make lemons into lemonade, no matter what you spend on packaging, marketing or advertising. The fragrance has to have a point of view. The recipe has to be right. It’s like a great meal — if it hits the spot, you’ll go back to it over and over again.”

This also explains why several of the best perfumes for women that consistently fly off the shelves at Sephora and department stores aren’t necessarily new launches. “Classic fragrances with a strong point of view continue to hold strong for 2017. Chanel Chance, launched in 2003, takes the top position this year with Coco Mademoiselle close behind. Again, it all goes back to the scent. A fragrance with staying power speaks to a wide variety of women in a very personal and specific way. These fragrances become ingrained in our lives — our experiences and our memories — and are a comfort through times of change.”

While Musmanno adds that brand recognition can help, in the end, as stated, it’s about the scent. “The fashion houses can launch appealing fragrances and it doesn’t hurt if it is Chanel or Dior, but most Americans are not aware of who Viktor & Rolf are and Flowerbomb is in the top 10. That means it’s a great juice and the fragrance has hit a nerve.”

Above, we rank the 10 best perfumes for women for 2017 based on popularity and sales.

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We Rank the 10 Most Popular Women's Fragrances of 2017