Shattered Glass Manis Are the Newest Nail Craze


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What will nail artists come up with next? We already have Minx stickers, bubble nails and negative space manis, but the latest nail trend may be the coolest one we’ve seen yet. Glass nail art is the new 3D mani craze designed to resemble reflective mirrors, gemstones and crushed shards of glass. Think stained glass windows, shattered diamonds and Beyonce’s Tom Ford VMAs bodysuit in nail form. They’re so mesmerizing, all of Instagram is obsessing over the look.


WOW WOW WOW! Obsessed with these negative space broken glass manicures! @nail_unistella Someone take us to Korea pls!

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Though shattered glass sounds like an emergency room visit waiting to happen, they’re actually made with cellophane instead of glass. The 3D look was created by Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella salon in South Korea. Inspired by a sea snail with iridescent lining inside its shell, she applied small pieces of cellophane to the nail bed to create the very first glass manicure.


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If you want the look (and of course you do!), you can bypass the hand-cut cellophane for two glass-nail sticker templates Park created for Amorepacific. After applying a base coat and polish, gently place the stickers on each nail, follow up with a top coat and watch everyone marvel at your mani. Pick the stickers up for $2.85 at Gmarket.

[via Refinery29]