Neck Contouring Is Officially a Thing

It’s not enough to contour your face until you’re nearly unrecognizable. Now people are applying the shading technique to their necks and chests. What’s next, contouring your fingers?!

The motivation for chest contouring is pretty self-explanatory (hello, bigger cleavage). But the reasoning behind neck contouring eludes us. According to Mashable, the goal is to “make…necks appear longer and slimmer” like a swan. Great, something else women need to be self-conscious about.

Vlogger MakeupWearablesHairstyles is one of the first to post a video tutorial on neck contouring. Amazingly, she demonstrates it without even looking back at her neck during the process. The result is a perfectly shaded spine to complement her updos.

MAC Artist, Regan Rabanal, tells Mashable that the concept isn’t so far-fetched. “I think that it’s interesting to see how many ideas are out there for contouring,” he said. “It’s a technique that has always been present in makeup artistry from the early 1900s until now and has gained more popularity today due to how swiftly tutorials and photos are shared online. The most important thing to remember is how you customize it to your own daily makeup routine. It should fit your personal style.”

Our personal style barely includes actual contouring so we’ll pass on painting brown lines down our necks. But Kim Kardashian will be happy to learn she can try neck contouring and give her choker necklaces a rest.