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How Soon Is Too Soon? Miley Cyrus Wears Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs Look for ELLE’s May Issue (Forum Buzz)

For its annual Women In Music Issue, ELLE enlisted the help of Miley Cyrus to move copies of the May 2014 issue. The American singer was photographed by Michael Thompson wearing a sequined tunic and matching flared pants by Marc Jacobs.

This certainly isn't the first time we've seen Miley on the cover of a fashion magazine. She's also covered Vogue Germany and US Harper's Bazaar.



Members of theFashionSpot were quick to express their opinions. "I am so sick of her. For months we've been bombarded with her mug on the cover of everything. Enough!" commented Handbag Queen.

MyNameIs also shared the same negative sentiments: "She's the definition of try-hard these days. Everything here is so contrived from her facial expression to the pose to the styling."

Jal718 was not very pleased to see Miley and wrote, "Why???? She's a moron, will toss issue as soon as I get it."

Forum member Kite ignited an insightful discussion on the fact that a Fall runway look was pictured on the cover of one ELLE's Spring issues. "I'm so annoyed at the FW ensemble. Its the May Issue……sooner or later we will be in a Show and Shoot idea. WHAT happened to half the Spring collections and even the Pre-Fall?" he wrote.

"I'm aware magazines wish to be ahead of things and seen to be the first with everything, but I really wish they'd start to actually make their magazines fit the season. I love UK Harper's this month because the cover actually looks like it belongs in April. Who starts using FW on a May cover, out in April? It's utterly ridiculous," replied honeycombchild.

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