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Amber Valletta Shows Off Newly Cropped Hair for Allure Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Amber Valletta graces the cover of Allure's June 2014 issue, showing off her newly cropped hair which was cut and styled by Garren. For Amber's eighth cover of Allure, she is seen posing for Tom Munro in a silk jacquard dress from Bottega Veneta. For Valletta's cut, Garren wanted to create a versatile style which would suit Amber's routine and wouldn't be too demanding of attention when styling herself. However, members of theFashionSpot forums aren't fond of the style and think it's 'dated'.

Allure with short hair on the cover of Allure June 2014


"Looks like one of those bad catalogs that you find at cheap hair salons… " writes Thefrenchy.

"it looks so dated…I don't think that cut is doing her any favors," replied kimair.

Blueorchid thinks the magazine's covers are dated in general: "I find all Allure covers to be really dated, they all look like they're from 2002-2005 to me. Every month! Amber looks great though, this is a nice surprise."

A change in opinion flooded into the thread when cottonmouth13 wrote, "I am truly in love with this. The haircut is giving me a 1993 vibe when Amber started to hit big. And I'm super glad with the fact that she's on the cover."

"Amber looks so young on the cover," commented petit fours.

Do you think Amber's new cut suits her? Check out the thread and join the discussion here.