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TheFashionSpot’s ‘Cover Challenge Thread’ is Finally Back! (Forum Buzz)

Doing much this weekend? Got a spare couple of hours on your hands? Why don’t you come join the fun in theFashionSpot‘s Cover Challenge Thread? One of the forum’s most loved threads is finally back after a hiatus and it’s better than ever. Come on…I know you’d just love to redesign some of your favorite (or least favorite) magazine covers or even create a cover out of a beloved fashion image.

Cover Challenge Thread Revival on tFS


The thread, which was started back in 2008, gives members a chance to design and recreate a magazine cover of their choice each week, participating and engaging in some healthy competition while they’re at it. Each week a theme is selected by the winner of the previous round and this week’s round is the theme of “The REDESIGN,” chosen by MON. The aim is to think of a magazine and then redesign it. Think outside-the-box. Do not limit yourself to just changing the fonts and the amount of text included. Play with the masthead, create a new layout or, better yet, create a new logo (change the fonts for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc!). It’s even better if it doesn’t look like how it looks today. The twist? Should you place a second entry, the second entry has to be exactly the same as your first entry (layout and creativity wise to show consistency). This is to see if your redesign really works or if it just worked on the first cover image you used.

So come on over to the revived Cover Challenge thread and participate, or just post a message of encouragement and check out entries already posted by our creative forum members. You never know…your entry just might win. Good luck!