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Bruce Jenner Finally Reveals, “I Am a Woman”

Bruce Jenner Interview

Image: ABC News

Last night, in one of the most anticipated interviews of the year, Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer to confirm what so many suspected: He is transitioning genders. The Olympian and reality TV dad was emotional and tearful from the start, saying that he was always confused with his gender identity. Even as a young boy, even as a decathlete, Jenner knew he had the “soul of a female,” and for years has been struggling to live as a man in the spotlight.

“For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” he admitted, after taking his ponytail out at the start of the interview. “That female side is part of me, who I am.” Through the interview, Jenner requested that we still use male pronouns and explained that he waited so long to go public with his true identity – 65 years – because he simply couldn’t take holding the secret in anymore. “I can’t pull the curtain any longer. I built a nice life. Bruce lives a lie, she is not a lie. I can’t do it anymore.” He said he didn’t want to pass away without having at least tried to explore the female side of him.

A lot about Bruce’s secret life was revealed. Through his three marriages, each of his wives knew he struggled with this issue, and Jenner had actually begun transitioning for five years, as far back as the 80s. He took hormones and went through procedures to get rid of his beard and his hairy chest. His changing appearance was not just vain plastic surgery – he was actually trying to feminize his face. But he stopped transitioning because he didn’t want it to negatively affect his children.

Jenner had been open about his issues with his wives. His secret started to come to light, he said when Kim Kardashian caught him in a dress. Jenner tried to hide his true self while on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but the irony of the situation – he, on this reality show of a family famous for simply being famous – was not lost on him. “We’ve done 425 episodes over almost eight years, and the entire run, I kept thinking to myself, oh my God, the one real true story in the family was the one I was hiding and nobody knew about,” he said. “The one thing that could make a difference to people’s lives was right here in my soul and I could not tell that story.”

Jenner says that through this whole thing, it was actually Kim who has been the most supportive. Surprisingly, it was the sage words of her husband Kanye West made her turn a corner with the issue. He told her, “I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am. I can have the most beautiful little daughter in the world, and I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself, they don’t mean anything.”

Ironically, Khloe, the most outgoing and outspoken of the clan, has had the hardest time dealing with the news about Jenner, but Bruce says it’s because she has had so much loss in her life, with the death of her father and the end of her marriage to Lamar Odom.

While Jenner did confirm he is transitioning to a woman, he did not tell us what his new name would be when he officially becomes her. He discussed the possibility of sexual reassignment surgery, which he said would be “down the line.” 

Jenner received words of support from members of his family, tweeting that his bravery has made him more than ever a hero in their eyes. 

Bruce Jenner hopes that his going public will help opens minds and get people to understand more about transpeople. This isn’t the last we will hear of his story. Bruce has signed on with E! for a docu-series that “gives viewers an inside look at the Olympic athlete embracing life as a transgender woman.” The series consists of 8 one-hour episodes and is expected to air starting July 26.

This interview was a farewell of sorts to the Bruce Jenner we all knew. But he says though he might emerge as a woman, he is still deep down the same person. “I’m saying goodbye to people’s perception of me and who I am. I’m not saying goodbye to me.”

If you missed the interview (in which case, you should see the entire thing), you can watch it in the video below.

[via ABC News]

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Natasha Poly Shines Bright on Vogue Japan’s June 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Magazines have deprived us of glamour this spring but Vogue Japan thankfully delivers the goods with its June edition (yes, June covers already!). Per usual, Japanese Vogue surfaced early on our forums and with Russian beauty Natasha Poly on the cover, forum members started deliberating immediately. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, Natasha appears as if dipped in liquid gold, wearing a shimmering dress complete with poker-straight hair and minimal makeup.

Vogue Japan June 2015 Natasha Poly Giampaolo Sgura


It’s unfortunate that our forum members were left divided in their opinions. “She always slays the straight hair. That yellow is just too much though. Would have worked better had the text been all plain pink,” critiqued khyrk.

“I don’t know what to think about this cover. I honestly don’t really care about the very bright colors. It’s a great dress and all but the hair totally ruins it for me. What is with the short hair around her jaws? It’s ugly,” Valentine27 disapproved.

Also not approving of Vogue Japan’s latest was Nomar: “The tan and hair look too similar IMO. Also that open mouth annoys me.”

Style Savvy certainly failed to show enthusiasm. “What an eyesore!” he proclaimed.

The tone of the thread soon shifted, however. “What a stunning cover, all those colors look great against the dress, and she looks beautiful,” Miss Dalloway raved.

“Phew, they’re back to their best, I love it!” posted gossiping, with a sigh of relief.

“I love this cover. The pose, the dress, her hair and the vibe I’m getting from it is super rich/powerful/Versace! Good job!” Bertrando3 credited.

Tell us exactly what you think of the cover and drop us a comment inside the thread here.

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What About Yves Is Getting Sued by Saint Laurent over Parody T-Shirts

Saint Laurent Paris is targeting parody T-shirt company What About Yves in a new lawsuit claiming the company infringed on the Saint Laurent trademark. The T-shirt in question reads “Ain’t Laurent Without Yves,” rendered in the logo typeface the house adopted (or reissued, as it is inspired by one of the label’s vintage logos) once Hedi Slimane took the helm. Saint Laurent and Luxury Goods International, the company that holds the trademark rights, claim that the shirts are infringing and diluting the luxury house’s trademark and causing unfair competition and false designation of origin.

The T-shirts are clearly a parody and to us, it seems a little absurd to argue that customers would actually confuse them with something made by Saint Laurent. But according to The Fashion Law, when What About Yves founder Jeanine Heller went to file the T-shirts with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (after numerous requests from LGI to stop selling them and after LGI filed trademarks of its own), the USPTO found the logos too similar, subsequently challenging Heller’s application. At one point, Heller even offered to sell the Ain’t Laurent trademark to LGI. 

LGI says that Heller is purposefully trying to pass her products as authentic Saint Laurent products and wants her to cease selling them and fork over cash to pay for various damages. “[The] Defendant is engaged in a pattern of deliberate and willful infringement designed to confuse and deceive consumers as to the source and origin of its products and trade upon the valuable intellectual property, goodwill and reputation of luxury brands, including Plaintiff.” 

What About Yves has created a number of designer parody T-shirts, including the Ghostbusters Chanel shirt which landed the company in a pot of legal hot water. As for unfair competition, it’s hard to compare a $48 T-shirt with a designer version that sells for $650 or more. But that’s for the law to decide.

[via The Fashion Law]

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L’Oreal Is Working Hard to Appeal to the Multicultural Beauty Consumer

America’s population is becoming increasingly more diverse and beauty brands are finally realizing that people of color need products too and –gasp– they spend actual money on these products. L’Oreal is trying to establish a firm grasp on the fast-growing sector and is gearing up a new Multicultural Beauty division, which includes SoftSheen-Carson and the recently-acquired Carol’s Daughter.

“Multicultural consumers may only be 39 percent of the total population now, but in 12 out of the 20 top cities, multicultural consumers are the majority and are representing 27 percent of the beauty spend,” L’Oreal manager of Multicultural Beauty Nicole Fourgoux said. But with this growing market, it’s important to be strategic and really pay attention to their needs – and make those products accessible for the population.

Another big part of appealing to the multicultural set is in part not segregating them from the mainstream. A lot of stores have “ethnic” care aisles, but there are multiple issues that shoppers face that go beyond ethnicity. To relegate everything into a few shelves marked ethnic ghettoizes the consumer and, most importantly, doesn’t address their diverse needs. “Consumers seek solutions to hair conditions such as thinning or wavy,” Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price explained to WWD, emphasizing that companies need to look beyond race and focus on the particular needs and concerns of the shopper of color if they’re going to make progress. 

L’Oreal is headed to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Annual Meeting (which starts today) to discuss how stores can take advantage of this market without turning off ethnic consumers. Hopefully, their insight will help make drugstores increasingly more shoppable for the multicultural customer.

[via WWD]

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Lindsey Wixson Returns to Numéro Tokyo and We Love It (Forum Buzz)

While the French edition of Numéro turned up the heat with a smoldering Aya Jones cover, Numéro Tokyo favored pastel colors paired with a more subdued concept for its latest. The magazine welcomes back Lindsey Wixson , who’s evidently a favorite of the team as this is the model’s third cover — and we’re sure it won’t be her last. For June, the current face of Fendi sits pretty in Miu Miu and we’re loving it.

Numéro Tokyo June 2015 Lindsey Wixson


“I like it. It feels new and fresh,” complimented andypolanco, hitting us off on a high note.

“Very fresh, and I love the colors. Lindsey’s work has been getting even better and better,” noticed Benn98.

Gossiping was pleasantly surprised and echoed, “Beautiful and I rarely like her.”

In agreement was Emmanuelle: “June issues already? Well I like that cover! Usually I am not a fan of Lindsey, but here she looks great. The colors are very soft and pretty – good!”

“Nice. Reminds me a bit of a young Drew Barrymore,” DutchHomme acknowledged.

Forum member burbuja8910 was full of appreciation too. “Stunning cover, appropriate for summer,” she admired.

Sharing the same sentiments was narcyza: “It’s really lovely! Lindsey fits here perfect. She is so adorable and I love the pastels.”

Tigerrogue was quick to share, “I always love a little bit of Lindsey.”

Are you a fan? Add your own two cents inside the thread here.

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