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WATCH: The Saint Laurent Biopic Trailer is Here

Yves Saint Laurent film is finally here and it looks pretty fantastic. There are two films due out this year chronicling the life of the late great designer, but this one, titled Saint Laurent is the unofficial version, directed by Bertrand Bonello.

According to Imdb, the film will be released September 24 and Gaspard Ulliel will star as the designer, alongside Jérémie Renier  as Pierre Bergé (Laurent’s lover and partner) and Léa Seydoux as the legendary Loulou de la Falaise. Also making an appearance is model Aymeline Valade, who will play model (fancy that!) Betty Catroux

The whole trailer is en français, but that doesn’t make it any less riveting for the non-French-speaking audience. The movie seems to cover all the glamour and drama we imagine of the designer’s life, plus–snakes… lots of ‘em. In Saint Laurent’s lap. Yes, we shuddered quite a bit when we saw those shots.

See the whole trailer for yourself below. And to all the French speakers out there, a little translation is appreciated, although not for “J’ai crée un monstre” and “Je t’aime, Jacques” – we fully understood those lines.

[h/t Fashionista]

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Montreal Welcomes Six Fashion & Design Festival Collections Designers

Fashion & Design Festival Montreal

Image via Fashion & Design Festival

I know very little about the Fashion & Design Festival, other than it’s based in Montreal, which by default makes it a fabulously fashionable affair. Particularly this year, when one of my favourite Canadian designers, Travis Taddeo, has been picked to present his work free of charge during the Fashion & Design Festival’s “Collections” segment.

Taddeo isn’t alone in the honour as international fashion influencer, Garance Doré, has selected five more designers to present Spring 2015 collections as part of the FDF Collections. Together they are Doré’s editorial choice, but solo they are Eve Gravel, Mylène B, Niapsou Design, UNTTLD and Ying Gao. Oh Montreal, you magnificent animal, you.

Fashion & Design Festival Montreal

Image via Fashion & Design Festival

These successful six will present from August 18 to 19, at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, where the event will take the form of a grand collective runway show. As Commissioner for FDF Collections, Doré will meet the designers to share her observations and discuss the challenges surrounding the penetration of international markets — an ongoing problem for many local designers that’s been cyclically charted in Canadian media.

“For me, what is important is a unique design and a desire to communicate – which, today, is a key quality for a fashion designer,” said Doré in a press statement. “These qualities were important in how I made my selections!”

As for the rest of the festival, expect to see dozens of local and international fashion labels, showcased in daily outdoor fashion shows held at Place des Festivals and running August 20 to August 23. You could even bump into Nathalie Rykiel, the queen of knits from legendary fashion house Sonia Rykiel, who will be participating as honorary president of the event. There’s also a “Stiletto Race,” which to me sounds like a rolled ankle waiting to happen, but you can get all the details by clicking here.

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Gigi Hadid Gets Sexiled by Ireland Baldwin and Simon Nessman in Sisley Fall 2014 Ad Campaign

Image: Sisely

Sisley‘s known for its risqué, sometimes downright inappropriate ads, but this latest set the brand’s churned out for Fall 2014 could possibly be one of the label’s most bizarre. Creative Director Pier Davoli tapped Gigi Hadid, Ireland Baldwin and Simon Nessman to depict a love triangle between two girlfriends on a road trip and one hot, shirtless cowboy. 

The images start with a fully-clothed Ireland and Gigi resting on a bale of hay, barely noticing the pitchfork-wielding Simon lurking mere inches away. Things get weirder after that. The next photo shows Ireland violently making out with the cowboy (both with fewer clothes on), leaving poor, fully-dressed Gigi to languish (glamorously) as the two play tonsil tennis. Things don’t get much better for Gigi — in the remaining photos she stands awkwardly to the side, flipping her blond mane and brooding as the pair continues to kiss.



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Vogue Mexico Gives Monika Jagaciak Her First Solo Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Mexico’s August cover surfaced on our forums earlier today and Monika Jagaciak has scored the cover — making it her first-ever solo Vogue cover (for Monika’s first Vogue cover, she was joined by Liu Wen on the cover of Vogue China’s July 2012 issue). The model, who is currently advertising Chanel‘s L’Instant Watches as well as appearing in cosmetics spots for the French fashion house, is seen posing against a vivid blue background, wearing a white shirt and a denim tie-dye skirt from Anthony Vaccarello.

Vogue Mexico August 2014 Monika Jagaciak


Many members of our forums are unsatisfied with the cover, however. “I don’t feel like this captures just how beautiful Jac is but still I’m happy for her!” commented Nepenthes.

“I’m so happy to see her on the cover, she’s so beautiful,” added GlamVal. “Vogue Mexico has the virtue of making a model so awful, the hair looks so fake.”

A.D.C. is in the same frame of mind and suggested the cover isn’t exactly Vogue-worthy: “Looks like a Cosmo cover but it’s cute if not very high fashion.”

KateTheGreatest agreed and posted, “Just yesterday I was thinking she needs a Vogue cover. She does look beautiful but I agree that the cover is more Cosmo than Vogue. I do like the styling but again, it’s not very Vogue.”

“In contrast to a couple of people here I really love this cover. It’s very summertime. She looks beautiful. And this cover looks like a VOGUE cover. It’s a hundred times better than last Vogue covers with Isabeli and Anna. One thing that I don’t like is the skirt and too much fonts. Everything without this is really beautiful and I’m so happy that JAC got her first solo Vogue cover!” disagreed a very content DiorPureLove.

We certainly have mixed reactions from our forum members. What do you think? Are you a fan? Check out the thread and share your own opinion here.

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All the Stuff We Want to Buy from Blake Lively’s New Preserve Site

Image: Preserve

Image: Preserve

Blake Lively‘s Preserve site launched today with much fanfare — it was pretty much all anyone could talk about last week and the project helped the actress score her third Vogue cover. Now that the site is live, we get to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about. The store is chock-full of artisanal goodies — everything from flowy, questionably-priced maxi dresses to Bloody Mary mix. You can buy a new, handmade outfit for a barbecue and pick up a few sauces for the grill at the same time. 

But just in case you were thinking this is another site peddling premium priced goods to the monied hipsters, well…you would be sort of correct. Luckily for Preserve, it completely acknowledges that it is kind of ridiculous to be hoarding truffle salt when there are people in the world who don’t have access to clean water. So the site set up a “Greater Good” page, on which it outlines philanthropic goals in the most self-aware way possible: “We are aware that a lot of what we are selling is outlandish in a world where people are starving and have nowhere to sleep,” the site reads. “This is a real problem. One that even on our high horse we can’t ignore. ” Hopefully, those few sentences are enough to make you forget that you’re overspending on curry ketchup.

We browsed the site and found a couple of things we’d like to pick up for ourselves. So, here are six items on our Preserve wishlist that we actually might order before the day’s out.


USA Cutting Board, $55 

chip and dip platter

Oysteria Chip& Dip Platter, $92 (more…)

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Did Allure Call Lauren Conrad a ‘Basic B*tch?’

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Just a few years ago, the term “basic” was just some underground slang for those unfashionably tiresome girls who thought “red bottoms” were the be-all, end-all shoe and pumpkin spice lattes were just super-duper. But thanks to Kreayshawn‘s 2012 “Gucci Gucci” track, in which the rapper proclaims she is unbothered by “basic bitches” wearing designer labels, the world got better acquainted with the term. Two years later, New York Magazine published a trend piece on basic bitches, and now everyone is hip to the slang — even those to which the term refers. So now that we know what the word means, Allure magazine figured it would try to use the new vocab in a sentence. 

The glossy published a “Beauty & the Beat” feature, outlining four types of dressers. Leandra Medine was hailed as a “Street Stylist” and Vanessa Hudgens a “Bohemian Hippie,” but poor Lauren Conrad was relegated to the “Basic” category, which wouldn’t have been too offensive were it not for the accompanying description:

“Made famous by Kreayshawn and viral by YouTube, the Basic woman is remarkably unremarkable. What’s noteworthy about her style is its very plainness. Except to her: she swears those red-soled shoes are cutting edge.” 

Damn, that’s cold! Lauren caught the write-up, and tweeted her 3.25 million followers:

Oh, it certainly looks real. The feature goes on to list the distinguishing characteristics of this “basic” woman: she wears Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish, rocks sausage curls and smells like vanilla-cupcake body milk (wait, that last part actually sounds kinda good).

We can’t say for sure if Allure really meant to diss Lauren’s personal style, but the write-up is definitely a little shady. But that doesn’t mean that the Condé Nast title doesn’t have a soft spot for the lifestyle guru. Just this Saturday, it tweeted out a slideshow in which the mag compiles the best beauty advice found on Lauren’s site. So I guess sausage curls and vanilla-cupcake body milk ain’t that bad when you’ve got great tips on how to grow out your bangs. 

We reached out to Allure to comment, but we’re still waiting for a response. 

[via @LaurenConrad]


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