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Royal Ascot Releases Outdated Dress Code for Women

For most British women, a day out at the races is synonymous with a show-stopping outfit that has to include a hat, as the event becomes more of a fashion parade than an opportunity to watch live horse racing.

2014 Royal Ascot - Atmosphere and Celebrity Sightings - Day 5

Image: WENN

Many put a lot of thought into their race day outfits, especially for the most luxurious of events like Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, whilst bearing in mind the event’s strict dress code. We expect the usual — ladies must wear a dress and there’s the obligatory suit for the men — but in recent years as the event attracts a wider audience, it seems the dress code is becoming even more stringent in hopes of maintaining the event’s prestigious appeal. (Or shall we say, as an excuse to kick out the riffraff!)

For all of you ladies who are currently planning your outfits for the next Royal Ascot (scheduled for June), the event just released a special video detailing its most recent dress code. Some antiquated guidelines to keep in mind include “strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops are not permitted” and “a hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times.” No shoulders at the races? How far we have come. 

The rules seem more fit for Downton Abbey than modern society, but if you break them, rest assured that you won’t be getting into the event, no matter who you are. So, if you’re thinking of going on a strap-free protest, don’t expect to make it past the gates.

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Minnie Mouse to Be Celebrated During London Fashion Week

Minnie Mouse

Image: WENN

As New Yorkers, we are quite familiar with rodents, particularly the stylish type. Just ask any Vogue staffer allegedly battling an onslaught of fashionably-inclined rats running through the hallowed halls of the magazine. But as the Vogue rats wait to be recognized for their impeccable taste, another rodent is to be showered with praise and accolades come London Fashion Week.

We’re talking, of course, about Minnie Mouse, who is arguably the world’s most stylish rodent. She will be getting her due shine come September with a BFC-sponsored exhibit about the cartoon mouse’s sartorial proclivities, aptly called Minnie Style. Georgia May Jagger, who appeared on the cover of Love‘s Fall 2013 issue in a set of Minnie Mouse ears, will curate and promote the show. 

In addition, Jagger will appear in  a Minnie Mouse-themed spread in the next issue of Dazed magazine, which will be available starting April 9. Catch the Minnie Style exhibit from September 18 to 22.

[via WWD]

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Mixed Reviews for Rebel Wilson’s ELLE UK cover (Forum Buzz)

ELLE Australia recently secured Rebel Wilson for its April issue and now, the British edition follows suit with the unveiling of its May 2015 installment. The Aussie actress, who picked up U.K. ELLE‘s Rising Star Award at the magazine’s self-titled ceremony back in February, stood before the lens of Doug Inglish. While we appreciate the fact that ELLE has delivered an unexpected and deserving cover subject this time around, we cannot help but feel the team behind the shoot could’ve achieved a whole lot more — considering it’s the magazine’s inaugural beauty issue.

UK ELLE May 2015 Rebel Wilson Doug Inglish


Our forum members were sure to tell it like it is. “Could they hide her any more on that newsstand cover?! Might as well be Sia,” noted A.D.C.

“It sounds terrible but my instant reaction was ‘oh they cropped in’ rather than celebrating Rebel landing the cover,” Cosmic Voices said.

Sharing the same sentiments was HodanChloe, who raged, “A head-shot of course!”

Benn98 agreed: “Really glad Rebel is getting all this press and I actually like the newsstand cover. It’s got a softness and femininity which her latest Aussie ELLE lacked. That said, this cropping trend of fuller figure women must end. If a photographer cannot take a decent shot of these girls, then he shouldn’t be hired.”

“I love it. It looks old & new at the same time. Rebel looks amazing. This is gonna cause some controversy again for cropping her body off the cover,” noted WilliamsLe010919

MON was quick to show the cover some love and hailed: “This is fantastic!! I love it. Very beautiful and I love the hair effect.”

“I love the subscribers’ cover [pictured below] because they weren’t afraid to put a full body shot of a full figured woman. Kudos ELLE!” applauded [J.]Oliver.

UK ELLE May 2015 Rebel Wilson Doug Inglish


Do you like? Join the conversation inside our thread here.

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Madonna Joins Jay Z and Other Artists to Promote Tidal — and Shows Off Her Unique Signing Technique

Madonna Tidal

Image: Getty

You would think with all the years of fame and notoriety she’s amassed, Madonna would have outgrown her attention-seeking ways, but this is Madonna we’re talking about. The singer showed up for Jay Z‘s press conference to promote his streaming music platform Tidal and, of course, the affair wasn’t complete without Madonna’s antics. 

Tidal is an artist-owned music platform that already-rich music stars are supporting in hopes that you will eschew your $9.99 Spotify account to pay up to double that to stream CD-quality music from Taylor Swift and others. Whether or not Tidal will be the game-changer Jay Z is hoping for remains to be seen, but if the music platform is beating its competitors in anything, it’s in awkward press conferences made more awkward by Madonna’s compulsion to be ~different~.

As Madonna signed the #TIDALforALL declaration during the event, she lifted her leg up and mounted the table because…well, because she’s Madonna and the rules of propriety don’t apply to her. 

It was a weird move, but we would expect no less from the material girl.

[h/t Telegraph, NYT]

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Trevor Noah’s Old Offensive Tweets Come Back to Haunt Him

Just as soon as he was announced as Jon Stewart’s successor for The Daily Show, some eagle-eyed tweeps did a little digging into Trevor Noah’s past tweets, because why not take advantage of a chance to drag someone through the social media mud just as he achieves success? To pass up an opportunity would simply be un-American.

Noah is being called out by the Twitterverse for a few jokes he made that people found to be anti-Semitic and sexist. Throughout the comedian’s timeline, which for some reason wasn’t preemptively scoured of any and all tweets that could be deemed offensive to somebody, are a few quips that left several people less than amused:


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Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley Are Starting a Line Together

Katie Hillier Luella Barltey

Image: Imaxtree

With last week’s announcement that Marc Jacobs would be absorbing his Marc by Marc brand into his main line, the question of what would become of the diffusion label’s creative director Katie Hillier and women’s design director Luella Bartley remained. Well, it looks like the pair will be pretty busy as they just announced that they’re teaming up to start their own label, aptly named Hillier Bartley.

The new luxury label will be hitting shelves sooner than you think – they’ve already got a collection due out for the Fall 2015 season. Bartley says the line is “a very personal project which Katie and I have been working on for years. It is a culmination of everything I have learnt as a designer and a woman and is purely and defiantly about the clothes and fabrics.” According to the designers, the line has a masculine charm, so it will be interesting to see what the label, which will include clothing, accessories and handbags, will offer next season.

As for their other gig, Hillier is expected to stay on with the Marc Jacobs label, though things seem to still be up in the air for Bartley.

[via WWD]

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