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New York Footwear Brand Rivals the Selfie Stick with a Pair of Selfie Shoes

Photo: Youtube

Photo: Youtube

Consider your shoe fetish RUINED. An American shoe brand has really put their foot in it, today unveiling a new set of pumps designed to help you take a no-hands selfie. It’s just as visually displeasing as you had imagined.

The brand responsible for this hilariously innovative thinking is Miz Mooz, a New York shoe company which was getting a bit toey with the selfie stick aka wand of self-absorption. “The great thing about the selfie shoes is you no longer need to use your arm, so now both hands are free to be in the photo,” Cheryl Matson, Miz Mooz’  design director explained in the promo clip.

So how does this nonsense work? Well, apparently, you just insert your phone into the port (which is some god-awful elongated open-toe style situation), raise your foot as high as humanly possible to get a flattering angle, and click the internal button with tap of your toe to selfie away. Too easy! (more…)

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Stars Launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 in Style

Models, fashion bloggers and WAGs got in touch with their techy sides in Sydney last night, stepping out to celebrate the launch of Samsung’s sleek new mobile device, the Galaxy S6. Some outfits were just as impressive as the new handheld, others not so much.

Check out the looks below.

Laura Dundovic at Samsung S6 launch in Sydney

Photo: Getty

Model Laura Dundovic added class to her navy-blue Bec & Bridge mini, featuring a wrap-style v-neck and asymmetrical hemline, with a black quilted bag and pointed-toe pumps. The side-parted updo and deep-red lip pulled the look together, and, since her stylish efforts at the MBFWA 2015 schedule launch, this stunner is back on our radar. (more…)

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Uniqlo Opening Two New Australian Stores


Image: Facebook

Uniqlo must be doing pretty darn well in Australia, because the Japanese retail giant has decided to expand its offering down under with two new stores.

Following the success of Uniqlo’s Macquarie Centre and MidCity stores which opened last year, the apparel brand will be focusing on its NSW market by setting up shop in Sydney’s Westfield Parramatta and Westfield Miranda. 

Uniqlo Australia’s CEO, Shoichi Miyasaka, explained his decision to grow the company’s Sydney market in a statement. “We’re excited to expand our presence in New South Wales and extend our offering of high quality, affordable options to customers who are yet experience the brand.” (more…)

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Here’s What the Kardashians Call Their Glam Sessions

Khloe Kardashian Makeup

Image: WENN

Khloé Kardashian and her sisters love them some makeup. Between Kim’s flawless contouring and Kylie Jenner‘s plump, drawn-on lips, it’s clear that the reality TV clan knows its way around a makeup brush. Indeed, the Kardashian-Jenners spend so much time getting gussied up that they’ve come up with their own slang for it — terms that can be confusing to us mere mortals. Khloé explains the nomenclature to Into The Gloss.

“One time I said to someone, ‘I have H and M tomorrow,’ and they were like, ‘Why are you going to H&M?’ I thought everyone knew that H and M meant ‘hair and makeup,’ but then I realized it’s just us,” she said. H&M: Affordable retail destination for us poor folk, shorthand for the Kardashian-Jenner family’s expensive day-to-day routines.

Khloé, who admits she sometimes wears lip color to the gym, says that’s not the only term the sisters use for their hair and makeup sessions. “I’ll be like ‘What time is glam?’” she said, “and people are like ‘What the f**k is glam?’”

But whether you call it “glam,” “H&M” or “not worth the daily investment,” one thing’s for certain: Whoever the Kardashians have got on their glam squad is doing a bang-up job.

[via Into The Gloss]

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Lupita Nyong’o Delights on May Cover of UK Harper’s Bazaar (Forum Buzz)

Every now and then a magazine completely blows us away and as the May covers continue to trickle out, U.K. Harper’s Bazaar is the latest to excite. After Margot Robbie‘s sleepy April cover, Lupita Nyong’o gives us life for the month of May. The Oscar-winning actress posed for Alexi Lubomirski for the subscribers’ cover (pictured below) wearing a white floral leather dress by Fendi. Miranda Almond styled the sitting and we’re already left wanting more.

UK Harper's Bazaar May 2015 Lupita Nyong'o Alexi Lubomirski


As expected, our forum members were quick to express their excitement. “What a lovely image, and it actually ties in with this season. This reminds me of a more superior version of Dior’s Spring 2015 campaign. Her skin looks so edible, hope I don’t offend by saying that. I’m quite impressed with the level of fame Lupita has reached. To have booked this cover with nothing to promote? Only the likes of Gwyneth, Kate Hudson and SJP are afforded that luxury,” admired Benn98.

“I love Lupita, she’s so beautiful and inspiring. Always glad to see her on a cover,” Emmanuelle later added.

ThatGuyPaul shared the same sentiments: “The cover looks amazing. Love to see Lupita on magazines more often!”

Also showing the cover some love was tigerrogue who stated, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad shot of her. I’m really looking forward to seeing this.”

“What a beautiful cover! This is just so refreshing after seeing generic after generic covers. Another thing that I like about this one is that it makes you smile and the fact that it doesn’t look forced / contrived. Fantastic!” hailed MON in agreement.

GlamorousBoy simply used the word “wonderful” to describe the cover and we couldn’t agree more.

Await Lupita’s cover story to surface and join the discussion here

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Kanye West Thinks Kim’s Personal Trainer Should Help Her Lose More Weight

Kim Kardashian North West

Image: WENN

If reports are to be believed, it seems as if quite a bit of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship is based on image – after all, when you’re banking on your outer appearance to help keep you relevant in the media, the pressure to be 100% perfect is on. But when that pressure is coming from your significant other, someone who should be supporting you regardless of what you look like, things can get a little sticky. 

On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim talks about her personal trainer and Kanye West’s frustrations with the target weight goals being set for her. Kim says she has to get down to 120 pounds, to which the trainer allegedly says, “no way, I can’t imagine you 15 pounds lighter.” Kanye’s reaction, of course was very, uh, Kanye-like

“So, [Kanye said], ‘we need to get another trainer then, because if I tell you that she needs to lose weight in between her toe[s], you are going to figure out a f*cking toe weight.'”

While it is not uncharacteristic of Kanye West to reject the opinion of trained professionals, it is quite bizarre to us that he wouldn’t take his wife’s health into consideration. Sure 120 pounds might sound like a healthy weight, but does he really think someone who is a professional personal trainer is going to set a weight goal for someone that might actually wind up being harmful to her health? Also: KIM KARDASHIAN DOES NOT NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. SHE LOOKS FREAKIN’ GREAT!!!

But we guess (at least in his world) Kanye knows best…

[via Cosmopolitan]


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