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Sienna Miller’s Gleeful Porter Cover Is Just What We Need for Summer (Forum Buzz)

Porter‘s Editor-in-Chief Lucy Yeomans has been doing an extraordinary job since the magazine’s premiere issue back in 2014. Yeomans teased us via Instagram earlier this week with a sneak peek from behind the scenes and asked us to guess who the mag’s upcoming cover star was. As it turns out, Sienna Miller was chosen for the cover and our forum members have welcomed the sight of the Brit actress with open arms. Starring on Porter‘s Summer Escape issue, Sienna was captured by photographer Cass Bird on the tranquil and tropical island of Mustique. Styled by Alex White in Tom Ford, the cover couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

“In perfect mood for this, Porter really is becoming a must buy magazine for me,” raved Miss Dalloway the moment the cover dropped, about to set the tone for comments to come.

“Oh my goodness this is everything. Gorgeous. This is the summer feel that I want, need, and deserve. Wow. The preview itself took me places. Good job,” applauded MON. (more…)

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Women Who Wear More Makeup Get Paid More, Says Science

Imagine living in a world where salaries are based on merit? You probably can’t conceive of such a utopia — all you’ve ever known is a reality where men get paid more than women. The masochists who follow sociologists’ studies on salaries also know that there’s a proven correlation between attractiveness and income. In what could be considered either a cruel or encouraging caveat, new research also shows that grooming affects how much women (and men, but not nearly as much, of course) get paid. In short, the more effort you put into styling your hair, dressing and putting on makeup, the more you earn. Call it the Kardashian Law of Economics.

A recent paper by Jaclyn Wong of the University of Chicago and Andrew Penner of the University of California at Irvine, entitled “Gender and the Returns to Attractiveness,” showed that although “physically attractive individuals have higher income than average individuals” — to the tune of 20 percent — this finding doesn’t necessarily apply to women who tend to their appearance. (more…)

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Was This Rebel Wilson Cover a Missed Opportunity? (Forum Buzz)

Dare we ask: Are magazines afraid of showing off Rebel Wilson’s body? It’s starting to come off that way as with just about every single magazine cover Rebel has fronted, the publications have opted for a headshot as opposed to the full-body alternative. The British edition of Marie Claire taps the Aussie export as its July 2016 cover star and our forum members aren’t all too impressed with the finished product. Photographed by Alexei Hay, the publication serves up a fairly nice shot of Rebel, who shows off her personality in the close-up image, playfully pouting down the photographer’s lens while wearing a red lace dress.

UK Marie Claire July 2016 : Rebel Wislon by Alexei Hay


Yeah, our feisty forum members were not all too impressed. “Shame they didn’t have the confidence to show her body on the cover!” slammed a rather disappointed 8eight the second the cover came to light.

“I wish it was more of a standard facial expression, and yes, that they had used her body,” chimed in honeycombchild. (more…)

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People Should Not Be Shaming Zendaya for Her Latest Cover Which Might or Might Not Depict Masturbation

Photographer Petra Collins is known for her raw depictions of the coming-of-age experience. In a 2014 interview, the Toronto-born visual artist told Vogue, “My goal is just to create images that generate a conversation about things that aren’t spoken about. I want to change the ways young girls look at themselves and the way women at large are looked at. Art has always been a way for me to work out—not even issues—but how to live. So, when I was 15, and started working, it was a time when I was going through puberty, and beginning to discover my sexuality and photography and film were a means of working that out.”

So, when teen/hair idol Zendaya emphatically claims her Wonderland magazine cover, shot by Collins and styled by Gary Armstrong, is not meant to portray masturbation, we’re highly skeptical. In the grainy, amber-tinted shot, a glowing Zendaya sits atop an austere wooden swivel chair in a room populated by similarly chunky furniture. The setting contrasts heavily with her knee-high, pastel pink, lace-accented, ruffled-sleeve frock. A movie poster on the wall is the only real indication this could be the teen’s bedroom and not her parents’ home office. Garbed in this Lolita-esque attire, the singer strikes a pose: her right hand rests between her legs, which are parted unconcernedly, her left hand clasps her chest, her spine is slightly arched, her head thrown back, a look of ecstasy upon her face…What would you assume she’s doing? (more…)

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Anna Ewers and Edie Campbell Travel to Kenya for WSJ Magazine’s Sublime June Covers (Forum Buzz)

Our forums are such huge advocates for everything WSJ Magazine, since the publication constantly churns out terrific covers and features for us to fawn over. Last month, we got an effortlessly sexy Charlize Theron and the magazine does us one better for June 2016. Models Anna Ewers and Edie Campbell took a trip to Kenya to shoot in the wilderness with photographer Mikael Jansson. Each beauty stars on her own separate covers, with Anna appropriately wearing a safari-inspired look by Ralph Lauren as Edie sports a ruffled Gucci number in her contrasting black and white cover shot.

WSJ Magazine June 2016 : Anna Ewers & Edie Campbell by Mikael Jansson


The covers became an instant hit on the forums. “Both these covers look spectacular! I think it’s the styling and confidence which goes really well with scenery. Also, nice to see a photographer not going the sexpot route with Anna,” Benn98 commented straight away.

“I really admire Mikael Jansson’s work and these two covers are so gorgeous!” praised Avogadro. (more…)

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Gisele Bündchen Speaks Out Against Animal Trafficking

Gisele Bündchen’s love of nature is no secret — especially to those who follow her on Instagram. The top-billing model regularly finds time for oceanside sunset salutations, family nature hikes, jogs through the fall foliage and baths with horses. If there’s a picturesque landscape to admire, you can bet Gisele has held up a hand heart to it. Now, everyone’s favorite Earth Mother is using her time away from the runway to preserve that which she values most (aside from family, of course). (more…)

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