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Steven Meisel Photographs 54 Models for Versace’s Unimaginative Fall 2018 Campaign

Supermodels past and present gathered together last season to star in Versace’s spectacular Spring 2018 campaign and now a new generation of faces (a few returning from last season) make up the diverse and inclusive cast for Fall 2018. Donatella Versace handpicked a total of 54 models this time around, resulting in the longest group shot advertising campaign image ever. Photographed by Steven Meisel, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Adut Akech, Aube Jolicoeur, Fei Fei Sun, Imaan Hammam, Vittoria Ceretti and Yasmin Wijnaldum are just a few of the models who stand side by side, each styled to the hilt in Donatella’s latest collection while doing little else.

To say our forum members were unimpressed with the outcome would be the understatement of 2018. “Umm… looks like something for GAP,” said Scotty, setting the tone for commentary to follow.

W Magazine editorial worthy,” described artemovartem.

“Meisel is so lazy lately. This is just a waste, anyone could’ve done these photos,” ranted fierrousa.

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A Fresh-Faced Lara Stone Stars on British ELLE’s Quirky August 2018 Cover

It’s been almost 12 months since Anne-Marie Curtis gave British ELLE a brand new look, but after a number of bold and brazen covers featuring the likes of Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and Ashley Graham, the magazine began to revert to its former self. We witnessed Margot Robbie reprints, disappointing diversity covers and awkward Alicia Vikander offerings. This month, in an attempt to stimulate interest, UK ELLE features Lara Stone on the cover of the August 2018 issue. Photographed by Alexander Saladrigas and styled by Gillian Wilkins, the Dutch blonde tones down her usual bombshell appeal as she lounges on a bed wearing a quirky floral Richard Quinn number.

UK Elle August 2018 : Lara Stone by Alexander Saladrigas


Does British ELLE have a hit on their hands this month? Our forum members had mixed feelings. “Love her. Always have, always will! And this cover, even though it’s pretty simple, works perfectly. It’s fresh,” admired forum member GinAndTonic the moment the cover struck.

“Lara looks cute and very fresh-faced! I’m liking this new direction which magazines are taking with her. The hypersexualised glamazon got old after a while,” stated Benn98.

“Somehow Lara manages to look always so different, but you can always tell it’s her, an icon,” applauded dontbeadrag.

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Ariana Grande Shines on ELLE’s Fresh August 2018 Cover

Ariana Grande’s doing the rounds on newsstands having just landed her very first Vogue cover for British Vogue‘s July issue. Now the singer makes her debut as an ELLE cover girl for August 2018. Ever since she took over the Hearst-owned title, Nina Garcia’s been on a mission to overhaul the magazine by transforming both its covers and pages, managing to secure the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Nicki Minaj as cover stars. Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Natasha Royt, Ariana wore Chloe for the vibrant newsstand cover image (below) while appearing just as radiant in the subscribers’ cover decked out in Saint Laurent.

US Elle August 2018 : Ariana Grande by Alexi Lubomirski


Reaction from our forum members was mixed. “Bears an uncanny resemblance to Kylie Jenner here, perhaps it’s the lips. The white cover looks pretty generic, and the lack of fashion is odd for ELLE. Can’t say I’m exactly bowled over but it’s not offensive,” commented a slightly underwhelmed Benn98.

“It’s an OK cover. Didn’t expect much from this actually. You can’t do much with her anyway,” added MON.

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Forum member ghostwriter10549 shared the same view, expressing, “I love Ariana, but she is not and probably never will be high fashion material. She’s stuck with this look since 2014 and I’ve never seen her pushing anything in terms of fashion…”

“This is not good, but is better than her British Vogue cover,” caioherrero reasoned.

“Something fresh about it,” admired Urban Stylin.

Also taking a shine to the cover was crmsnsnwflks: “A beautiful cover! I love the simplicity of it.”

Vogue28 felt the same way: “Much prefer the newsstand cover here, as opposed to Ariana’s recent stint on British Vogue. I do like how bright, fresh and vibrant the cover shot is and teamed with the pink masthead and minimal cover lines just makes for a genuinely visually-appealing cover as a whole.”

US Elle August 2018 : Ariana Grande by Alexi Lubomirski


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Saoirse Ronan’s Vogue August 2018 Cover Gets Mixed Reviews on Our Forums

As the rumors continue to swirl that Anna Wintour is set to leave American Vogue after 30 years in the biz, she continues to throw us curveballs with her cover choices of late. We were blessed to have a Gisele Bündchen cover last month (models being such a rare sight on mainstream fashion glossies) and now Anna has given the cover to someone we’ve never had the pleasure of seeing on Vogue before: Saoirse Ronan. Also making their debut is photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, who captured the Oscar nominee in golden-hour light down at the seafront. Styled by Camilla Nickerson, the Irish-American actress wears Prada and looks ethereal during sunset for August 2018.

US Vogue August 2018 : Saoirse Ronan by Jamie Hawkesworth


Members of our forums either loved or loathed what they saw. “I will most definitely buy this. She looks sour but it’s great to see Jamie and Saoirse get a cover. And that Prada collection photographs like a dream!” ThatGuyPaul raved the moment the cover came to light.

“I’m happily amazed at Anna’s cover choice! Someone totally different and out of her comfort zone! My favorite cover this year!” heralded Handbag Queen.

“I completely love this cover, I hope I’m not biased because I’ve been a fan of Saoirse since Atonement so I’m happy all the recognition she’s getting and she really deserves to be on the cover. I’m very happy for Jamie too, I love his work and this cover and editorial is amazing,” pivoslyakova championed.

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Also showing some love was KINGofVERSAILLES: “Was predicting Saoirse for later in the year, but this is a pleasant surprise. This is SO different for US Vogue and lovely. If Anna is indeed leaving, she is going out with a bang.”

Everyone else, however, utterly loathed Vogue‘s attempt at something different. “DOUR! UNFRIENDLY! MISERABLE! SOLEMN! GRIM! & GLUM! This cover makes me depressed. There’s no glamour, no styling whatsoever and the hair and makeup people did her dirty,” complained a far from overjoyed Khabeer.

“Where’s the glamour?! This is Vogue! Let’s lift it,” mocked A.D.C.

Miss Dalloway felt the same way, commenting, “My god what a depressing and terrible cover. Was excited to see her name, but this is not what I need from US Vogue!! Leave the indie and trying to be cool vibe to actual indies. Good for Jamie, but this is horrible.”

US Vogue August 2018 : Saoirse Ronan by Jamie Hawkesworth


Love it or loathe it? See more from Saoirse’s cover feature and join the debate here.

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Taylor Swift Goes Mod for the August 2018 Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

You may find it hard to believe that Taylor Swift never covered any major fashion glossy last year. Despite a British Vogue appearance at the start of this year, the singer hasn’t been a regular newsstand fixture in 2018, either. But things may be about to change as Taylor reminds us of her existence with the cover of the latest edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Her comeback comes almost six years after she made her debut on the title. Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski for August 2018, Taylor channels her inner 60s mod girl (with a little help from Joanna Hillman) as she’s made up to resemble her personal style icon Pattie Boyd for the occasion. Rocking Saint Laurent for the newsstand cover (below), Taylor also struck a pose in Gucci and Linda Farrow for the black and white subscribers’ cover.

US Harper's Bazaar August 2018 : Taylor Swift by Alexi Lubomirski


Did Bazaar‘s latest pass the test among our forum members? “As a whole, Taylor Swift is an attractive woman, but for me, her facial features aren’t strong enough to carry off a shot like this, where the focus is thrown entirely on the shape of her mouth or her eye,” commented tigerrouge.

“HAHAHAHA my goodness. This is exactly why I somehow get it when celebs demand cover approval. You don’t want a terrible cover like this,” noted MON.

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“I just can’t with how terrible the covers are, especially the main one. Truly does make you wish for Bella, Gigi and Kendall back, and that is saying much! Editors should NEVER allow celebs cover approval, EVER!!!” Miss Dalloway echoed.

“Oh my god. No. They’re trying to make Taylor look like a Seventeen model on the cover. But I don’t really expect something great when it comes to Harper’s Bazaar covers,” wrote crmsnsnwflks.

Srdjan wasn’t all too impressed, either. “As always, a somewhat nice photograph drowning in awfully large text.”

“Kind of deer in the headlights but I still dig it,” voiced Piet Retief.

Not everyone was left so completely unsatisfied. “Wait, is everyone here kidding? This is NOT so bad. I think she looks chic, yes 60s are very played out, we’ve seen this a million times and better, but Taylor looks good here and the images are nice. I’ll take this over everything else we’re seeing,” reasoned tomtakesphotos.

US Harper's Bazaar August 2018 : Taylor Swift by Alexi Lubomirski


See more from Taylor’s cover shoot and add your own two cents here.

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Cindy Crawford Looks Almost Unrecognizable on Vogue Turkey’s Absurd July 2018 Cover

While Kaia Gerber recently added an advertising campaign for Moschino and a pair of Vogue Italia covers to her ever-growing portfolio, mom Cindy Crawford reminds the industry she’s still in the game by scoring the cover of Vogue Turkey. The magazine went all out last month, giving us (a heavily Photoshopped) Mert Alas and Kendall Jenner as cover stars for its 100th issue, but this month the mag went old school with the OG 90s supermodel. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego and styled by Simon Robins, the all-American beauty sports straight hair and one of Max Mara’s signature camel coats on the cover. But just like with Town & Country back in May, Turkish Vogue seems to have missed the mark with its latest cover shoot.

Vogue Turkey July 2018 : Cindy Crawford by Miguel Reveriego


Our forum members could barely believe their eyes. “Oh lord… I love Reveriego but why are all his Vogue covers so bad?” asked Ed.. the moment the cover dropped.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a less flattering photograph of Cindy,” a shell-shocked dodencebt stated.

“Yikes, it is very unflattering, not to mention cliché,” Benn98 added. “Did they really need to go with such a basic approach? What bothers me most is the fake-looking skin tone.”

Sharing the same sentiments was GivenchyHomme, commenting, “The retouching is overkill. The flat hair is hideous. This is not how you do Cindy Crawford. They did her dirty.”

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“This is the worst cover image of Cindy I have ever seen and I love her. Even paparazzi pics are much better,” called out fierrousa.

“It’s truly awful. This is probably the worst professional photograph I’ve EVER seen of Cindy Crawford, and they put it on the cover of Vogue?! Absurd,” expressed happycanadian.

“This is genuinely terrible. I hate to say it but she looks actually unattractive here, bet she’s fuming!” 333101 declared.

Mackos wasn’t into it, either. “How it got approved as a cover, I’ll never know. Looks like one of those selfies that you thought was going to be cute but you delete it as soon as you see it.”

Are you dumbfounded over the outcome as much as we are? Join the conversation here.

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