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Charlize Theron is Vogue’s December 2011 Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

Charlize Theron Vogue December 2011 Cover - Photography by Annie LiebovitzAnnie Liebovitz photographed Charlize Theron emerging from the ocean in a wet silver Calvin Klein dress for the cover of Vogue’s December issue. Forum members weren't sure about the warm weather feel of the cover that they felt was atypical for a December issue. 

“I love Charlize. She looks stunning but the cover is more summer than winter,” Hermes1922 wrote.
Rox_yr_sox couldn’t care less about the season of the cover. “What a knockout. I actually don't mind that it doesn't seem winter-y,” she wrote.
Chanelcouture09 wasn’t concerned about the season either. “Charlize is effortlessly stunning and gorgeous and although the shot isn't exactly winter-worthy it’s still a fantastic shot,” he commented.
Blueorchid posted, “There's a certain coolness to the colors used on the cover that make it work as a winter cover for me.”
Iluvjeisa was a fan. She described Charlize “like Aphrodite rising from the sea. And how often is it that you see a Vogue cover with a wet dress?” she pointed out.
I think the takeaway here is, if you’re going to do something different on a cover, just make Charlize Theron model for it. She’s so good looking that she can make us mere mortals forget the season, what constitutes as appropriate beach-wear, and everything else except that we’re apparently beholding an image of a beautiful goddess. On the other hand, if you don’t care about Charlize and you’re buying Vogue for the articles, there’s a headline about the HPV vaccine that will surely make for some light holiday reading.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.

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