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Burberry’s Boring Fall 2012 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Burberry’s new ad campaign for Fall 2012 features British actress Gabriella Wilde and British musician Roo Panes photographed by Mario Testino, and though the brand has upped the ante by creating a beautiful cinematic feel at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich London, the images are falling flat in the forums.

Burberry Fall 2012 ads

“I'm glad they're finally moving away from this whole half a dozen people in military green coats in front of a white background thing, but this looks just as lifeless as those,” Psylocke posted. “It's supposed to be cinematic but other than the nice setting there's nothing cinematic about this, mainly because Burberry is just too good at always picking the most boring people ever for their campaigns. They're both so vacant, I don't like this.”

Burberry Fall 2012 ads

HeatherAnne agreed: “I think Psylocke nailed what's lacking most about this campaign, the vacant models. They make this look so amateur; in fact these advertisements almost look fan-made to me,” she wrote. “I think the concept could have been beautiful, but the more I look at these shots the more I hate them.”

Burberry Fall 2012 ads

Melancholybaby also found the campaign stars to be lacking. “While I welcome the change, this falls flat to me,” he posted. “Even though it was shot on location, it looks like a fake background and the two stars of the campaign have absolutely no chemistry or modeling skills… which is why models exist and should get campaigns, and not musicians and actors.”

Burberry Fall 2012 ads

We’re a tough crowd in the forums, and I suppose there are only so many ways you can show off the same sort of trenches and pea coats every season. Burberry has longevity because they’ve created such a pronounced brand identity, but when things get too staid and predictable it can be a bit of a detriment. A Burberry trench may be a classic that never goes out of style, but these ads are getting stale.

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.

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