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Gap is Feeling the Love this Holiday Season (Forum Buzz)

Gap Holiday 2012

The Gap is really feeling the love for their Holiday 2012 ad campaign. “Love comes in every shade,” they declare, and do their best to exemplify that with ads showing people expressing the kind of love they have for each other. All while wearing holiday duds from the Gap, of course.

Gap Holiday 2012
Actress Diana Garcia And Musician Greg Rogove: In Love
      Gap Holiday 2012
Director Gia Coppola And Actress Nathalie Love: Best Friend Love

“This is quite harmonious, not bad,” ChristyLeReveur noted.

“I've always loved these Gap ads. So sweet,” ALAUU commented.

Abadonna called the campaign “so emotional and colorful, fantastic.”

Gap Holiday 2012
Actor Jack Huston And His Dog Orso: Puppy Love 

Gap Holiday 2012
Michael J. Fox And His Wife Tracy Pollan: True Love 

The fact that the ads portray relationships between real people (for the most part – the New Normal cast pic may be the odd man out here), really adds to the impact of the images. Forum members were particularly drawn to the ad featuring rapper Nas and his father, blues musician Olu Dara. It’s nice to know that we’re not looking at pictures of models faking it for the camera, for once.

Gap Holiday 2012
Musician Rufus Wainwright And Artistic Director Jörn Weisbrodt: Married Love

Gap Holiday 2012
The Atomics: Sibling Love

Gap Holiday 2012
'The New Normal' Cast: Modern Love       

Gap Holiday 2012
Rapper Nas And His Father, Blues Musician Olu Dara: Fatherly Love 

Even if you don’t yet feel like the best way to express your love is by dressing up everyone on your Christmas list in Gap clothing, the ads are nice to look at.


Images: Gap

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