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Erin Wasson Makes the May Cover of Vogue Netherlands (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Netherlands May 2013 - Erin WassonVeteran model Erin Wasson was photographed on the beach by Petrovsky & Ramone for the cover of Vogue Netherlands’ May issue. Erin’s (mostly) wearing a romantic pink dress and some sort of feathered headdress-type contraption on her head.

Though she looks beautiful –as usual – feelings in the forums, as they often are when it comes to Vogue Netherlands, were mixed.

“How awesome this could've looked with one of those shiny golden/silver fonts Vogue Australia does sometimes,” MulletProof lamented. “I'd send whoever's behind this to Australia for awhile, then have them come back and stop giving us fonts that belong on a sketchy bar's toilet sign.”

Elfinkova also took issue with the text: “The photo itself is nice but the text/fonts make this cover look incredibly amateur,” she commented.

Niknak countered: “I like the font color a lot actually. It accents the water, and it feels beachy/like summer… The font color, dress, and that headpiece make Erin look like Empress of the Seas… but I love it. At least it not another portrait shot. I think this is the best of Dutch Vogue so far.”

Vogue Netherlands May 2013 - Hannelore KnutsMulletProof then zeroed in on what the real issue (for her) was: “I guess it's the amount of aquatic references what bothers me. I feel like I'm looking at someone with teal heels, teal dress, teal earrings and teal eyeshadow.”

In other words, overkill – but a kind of pretty overkill, nevertheless.

At least the preview photo of Hannelore Knuts (at left, shot by Anne Menke) looks pretty cool. No arguments there, right?

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