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Mirte Maas is Just Meh on Vogue Mexico’s June Cover (Forum Buzz)

Image via Vogue Mexico

Image via Vogue Mexico

Mirte Maas covers Vogue Mexico’s June cover, and really, it’s nothing special. Outfitted in a gold fringed Versace dress and a Burberry bolero, the combination of elements comes together to clash rather than complement.

As alonsoJonathan posted, "Ugh I don’t like this. The colors/clothes/model/pose. Nothing works for me. Especially since last month’s cover with Anja Rubik was stunning. Such a let down from Vogue Mexico.”

“This cover could have been soooo much better without that awful Burberry shoulder pad. The Versace dress would have been fine on its own,” VogueDisciple93 commented.

Nepenthes went so far as to say, “Whoever styled this cover should be fired. This would have worked so much better without the little cape, the bracelet and the earrings and with straight, slick hair.”

This is definitely a case where more is not more. Mirte could have benefited from less hair, less accessories, less everything. But, to be honest, she’s not doing a whole lot to help save the situation. She may be ranked on’s list of Top 50 Models, but as of this moment, I’m completely bored by her.