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The New Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Campaign is ‘Creepy’ (Forum Buzz)

The new Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 campaign is ‘creepy’ (Forum Buzz)

Edie Campbell and Lily McMenamy nabbed the new Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 ad campaign, which surfaced online yesterday. Both models already walked in the most recent Marc Jacobs runway show and the campaign was once again shot by photographer Juergen Teller. Forum members were neither wowed by the model cast nor the concept of the campaign. Responses to the first preview for the campaign were mostly negative:

“This picture is creeping me out. Not looking forward to seeing it in magazines and having a mini heart attack every time those two girls stare at me from the pages,” wrote TheItGirl.

kewkaw noted that the image looked “like a Scary Pajama Ad” and Cold found that “it looks like a teen depression campaign. Edie is really getting her sad on.”

“This is so bad I actually like it,” laughed jmrmartinho

Melancholybaby admitted, “With all these elements I should hate it, but it is strangely attractive. Eager to see more.” 

It is always hard to judge an entire campaign from just one preview, but I am certainly eager to see more of the campaign as well. If only to see if other shots might be less frightening and hopefully focus a little more on the collection itself rather than the unconventional look of the featured models.


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