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Mariacarla Boscono Stars In New Giorgio Armani Campaign (Forum Buzz)

GAW_FW1314_-_adv_campaign GAM_FW1314_-_adv_campaign

Giorgio Armani is known for booking lesser known models for his runway shows and then wowing us with a mega cast for his campaigns. This season he cast the fierce tFS forums favorite Mariacarla Boscono and male model Florian Van Bael for his Fall 2013 campaign, lensed once again by photographer duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. The result doesn’t disappoint and forum members are wowed by the strong images and the great cast:

“Woah this looks frickin amazing!  Looks like this will be the best Armani campaign in quite some time,” exclaimed Elfinkova.

Melancholybaby showed himself equally ecstatic over the previews for the campaign: "This campaign is giving me life! The first two shots are absolutely flawless, they suit Armani's aesthetic to a T.” 

“Only MCB could pull off such an odd hairstyle. Love the lighting, and how there's some depth in the picture as if she's going toward somewhere where the light is located. The contrast between the dark jacket and the light, pastel trousers makes for a great look," analyzed Lagerfeldboy.

Creative pointed out the similarity to an old story shot by legendary photographer Irving Penn, which could have been the inspiration for the concept of this campaign and anlabe32 found that the campaign was “incredibly boring… but what else is new at Giorgio Armani. The clothes are also very dull.” 

I am sometimes stunned by everyone’s unfathomable love for Mariacarla Boscono and found her long reign at Givenchy (as Riccardo Tisci’s muse she starred in  just about every Givenchy campaign since the Fall 2005 season!) to become a little tedious, but as the ultimate Italian high fashion model, she was a perfect choice for an Armani campaign. What makes it hard to impartially enjoy most of Mert & Marcus’ campaigns and editorials is that you always have to wonder where they drew their inspiration from. They notoriously often copy concepts from old shoots one-to-one without giving proper credit, as seems to be the case here. Nonetheless to say, we are spoiled with a set of stunning pictures here and this is slated for becoming one of the more visually appealing campaigns of the season. Like many other tFSers, I am definitely excited to see more!

Image Credits: via the tFS Forums