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Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy Resort 2014 Falls Flat (Forum Buzz)


“Holy unflattering hell!” burst out mistress_f when commenting on the new Givenchy Resort 2014 collection and went on to describe it so fittingly as "a mess." She wondered, “What's with those proportions and shiny fabrics?” Indeed, what is with those proportions and the shiny fabrics and who can wear this? For the nth season in a row we get the Givenchy Pre-Collection presented in a lookbook shot against — or rather, photoshopped into  a street background, signaling exactly what this collection is about: it’s fashionista street style galore. Floral prints, lace panels, peep-toe boots… you name it. Not even the beautiful models in the lookbook can save this. Recycling prints from previous collections, Tisci has splattered them onto oddly shaped dresses and paired those with oversized pants, while also throwing romantic white dresses into the mix.

“I really hate how Riccardo [Tisci] is bringing the florals from his last collection into menswear and NOW into his resort collection… Can we not get something fresh like the old Givenchy?” asked Greenway.

“Ughhh, what a Hideous collection, Riccardo has become the biggest one trick pony in the business. And it looks like Pre-Fall,” wrote Riseup.

And more harsh criticism came from VogueDisciple93 who declared the collection as being “just awful.” He added, “And if this was shot in a studio or in front of a live volcano the clothes wouldn't look any more interesting or less vile. Riccardo, you've grown lazy and your tactics are long tired and need to be taken out back and put down.”

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It seems as though tFS forum members are growing tired of Riccardo Tisci’s celebrity and street style-centric collections and I can’t blame them. White lace pants that would be more suited for a Marchesa collection and weird, brightly-colored pattern clashing is not what made us fall in love with Tisci’s Givenchy. There was the dark romanticism, the intriguing ethno-vibe, the flattering and feminine dresses. None of which has found its way into this or other recent Givenchy collections. TFSers are disappointed with what direction Tisci is going into and it is not difficult to see why. When will we next see a Givenchy collection that doesn’t rely on trendy Rottweiler and Bambi prints and lace panel maxi skirts? Pre-Fall collections are nota bene not always a good indicator for what to expect from the main collection, so here is hoping the creative genius in Tisci strikes back with the next Spring 2014 collection!

Image credit: Facebook/Givenchy