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Kristen Stewart for New Balenciaga Fragrance Campaign: ‘It Looks Like She’s Holding a Bottle of Alcohol’

Image: Forums

Image: Forums

Balenciaga's new campaign for the brand's Rosabotanica scent has popped up online (above). It stars Kristen Stewart, who also appeared in last year's ad for the related fragrance, Florabotanica (below).

This is a repeat performance in more than just one sense: As E! Online points out, the two campaigns look very, very similar. In both images, Stewart poses topless with her hair pulled back, her body draped in a vine of tropical flowers.

What's going on here? Two guesses: 1) Either last year's campaign performed so well that Balenciaga decided not fix what wasn't broken or 2) The fashion house ran out of budget and pulled an outtake from 2013's shoot.

Either way, the first iteration of the ad was probably the more successful one. The newest campaign image has just appeared in the tFS Forums, and the early response is not favorable.

"Looks like she's holding a bottle of alcohol," said Hector.

"Could she look more dead in the eyes?" quipped Thefrenchy

Image: FashionGoneRogue

Image: FashionGoneRogue

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