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An Angry-looking Arizona Muse Covers Vogue Turkey (Forum Buzz)

Arizona Muse on the cover of Vogue Turkey February 2014

image credit: via the tfs forums

No, this is not tFS forum members being mean again. Calling a model angry-looking may not seem like a compliment, but it actually turns out we love angry-looking Arizona Muse. On Vogue Turkey’s February cover, the American supermodel delivers her best bitch face and looks alluring, "dangerous" and stunning all at the same time. The sexy black Prada dress and simple layout add to the visual appeal of the cover. 

“I think Arizona looks wonderful here. Maybe her expression could have been a bit softer as she looks a bit angry. But other than that it's a beautiful photo. And I really like her current hair style, this length is great,” shared yesitsdagny

Jelavender agreed, “This is a gorgeous cover. Arizona's profile is beautiful and the way she wears the Prada dress is very sexy. Love the hair and the styling.”

Avogadro thinks the cover is “Breathtaking!!” and Nymphaea finds that it looks “dangerous” and “works very well.” 

But not everyone was head over heels with the cover. 

“Something about it is throwing me off. Maybe it's that she's looking stiff, maybe it's that she looks angry. But I'm not responding to it,” posted MyNameIs

Luckily, nothing is throwing me off here. Arizona looks marvelous and I agree completely with UpperEchelon who wrote, “She looks ready to murder anyone who doesn't buy this magazine. Idk if people will be scared or intimidated when they see this cover, but her deadly stare is exactly what I like about it.”