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Vogue Taiwan Continues to Get It All Wrong with Its March Issue (Forum Buzz)

Even the best of the best get it painfully incorrect sometimes, but there’s no excuse for a magazine as rich in fashion photography and history as Vogue to get it this dreadfully wrong. Our forum members have complained from day one about Vogue Taiwan‘s lack of creativity, and the magazine shows no signs of improvement with the release of its March 2015 cover. Vivian Hsu, a Taiwanese singer, actress and model, fronts the title in a rather hideous ensemble that ultimately gives us an eyesore of a cover.

Vogue Taiwan March 2015 Vivian Hsu


We just know the tone of the thread before the cover is even released, given Vogue Taiwan’s current credibility. Gazebo cried the word, “No!!” inside the thread.

Nevin139 didn’t show much support either and declared the cover “horrible!” 

“Waiting for Vogue Taiwan each month is tense, simply because I know the cover will bring equal amounts of joy and pain each month. This is no exception!” said Fiercification, who agreed that the magazine has become a joke.

“Why don’t they just cancel this edition already?” asked  Gain.

“Actually, a portrait cropping of this shot wouldn’t have been bad, without the hair of course. It’s always the styling that ruins their features,” Benn98 criticized.

Is Vogue Taiwan’s creative team to blame for the dreadful covers? Let us know inside the thread, where you can check out some previews of Vivian Hsu’s feature.