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Vogue Hommes’ Spring/Summer 2015 Cover Is Perfect Thanks to the Casting (Forum Buzz)

Fashion magazines for men rarely make an impact on our forums, but with the release of Vogue¬†Hommes‘ Spring/Summer 2015 cover, our forums were set ablaze. The biannual style and lifestyle title continues to push the boundaries of menswear fashion photography, enlisting the help of male models Clement Chabernaud, Benjamin Eidem and Tim Schuhmacher to shift copies off the newsstand, and we think the formula has worked like a charm! Willy Vanderperre photographed the trio wearing black tuxedos, styled by Olivier Rizzo, resulting in each model looking devilishly handsome.

Vogue Hommes International Spring 2015 Willy Vanderperre


Forum members were quick to respond once the cover surfaced. “Fantastic!!! Their best one so far!! It looks so chic and so polished,” hailed MON, about to set the tone of the thread.

“Amazing cover. Nice to see these three together,” added an impressed Style Savvy.

Also a fan of the casting was Marc10: “What a trio. Simply fantastic.”

HeatherAnne was quick to show the cover some love by commenting, “Perfectly posed, they look fantastic. Willy can do no wrong.”

“This cover is just making me smile from ear to ear. It’s perfection,” sweetpop raved, sharing the same sentiments.

“This is a must have,” declared simon.

“Might be the first Vogue¬†Hommes I buy in a long time thanks to this wonderful cover. Very fresh and striking without being in your face. The composition is fantastic and so is the cast of course. Can’t wait to see the contents,” enthused an excited Wolkfolk.

Stay tuned for the editorial content and share your opinion with us here.