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Is NYFW *Really* Like a Party at Charlie Sheen’s House?

When asked by Buzzfeed to make sense of New York Fashion Week, Fashion Police host and comedian Joan Rivers said this:

Trying to make sense of New York Fashion Week is like trying to make sense of a party at Charlie Sheen's house: tons of beautiful women, lasts for days, and it's a miracle that no one died.

The quote has been shooting around the Internet for the past few hours and everyone seems to think this joke is SO FUNNY and spot-on. And I don't want to be the joke police because really, you're allowed to laugh at whatever you want and Joan Rivers is totally the best, but I'm just a little offended by how fun everyone seems to think Fashion Week is*.

NYFW is a very specific kind of fun, which is less like "fun" in the classic sense and more like the fun of feeling important, looking at clothing, and worrying about how you look and what other people think of you. "Fun" in a party-at-Charlie-Sheen's-house sense is actually exactly what Rivers described: "tons of beautiful women, lasts for days, and it's a miracle that no one died." Because it's not a party, it's a bender; and it might be crazy, but I bet it's actually fun.

Zelda Kaplan actually did die at NYFW, but less because she overdosed on cocaine and more because she was 95-years-old and her time had simply come.

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*It's come to my attention that this post makes me sound like a "jaded fashion person" — which I'm not at all — I'm simply a Defender of Fun.

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