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Watch 30 Seconds of David Beckham Selling Underwear for H&M

And here's David Beckham's H&M bodywear video spot, slated to run during the Superbowl this Sunday (oddly). Here are some factors to consider while you're watching this commercial, if the soccer star's oily pecs don't fry your brain:

  • Beckham's H&M range is targeted to men. Men watch the Superbowl. Retailers can't figure out how to get men to spend more to buy fancy underwear.
  • Wow those are some close-up shots of David Beckham's body. Wow the camera is really spending a long time hanging out near his crotch.
  • This is probably the last thing anyone should be watching while they're downing beer and stuffing their face with nachos. This is probably the last thing anyone should be watching while their significant other is downing beer and stuffing his face with nachos.
  • Even more gratuitous than the David Beckham-branded crotch shot? The sparkle of his wedding band as he caresses his own forearm.
  • But David Beckham's just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh lord! Please don't let him be misunderstood.
  • Have men's underwear ads always been targeted to women or is that a new thing? Not complaining.

[via The Cut]

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